To prevent the spread of the new Avian influenza virus, monkeypox, chronic waste disease, rabbit hemorrhagic disease, and others, effective immediately, we are restricting the areas from where the animal intakes are coming to a 50 km radius from our centre in Beeton, Ontario. These restrictions may change in the future.

If the wild animal you have found falls within the area shown on the map, please call us first at 905-729-0033 so we can determine the best course of action to help the wild animal.

If the wild animal that you have found falls outside the area on this map, please refer to this link: to contact the wildlife rehabber closest to you.

raccoonDo not remove infant or orphaned animals from their nest unless you are SURE that they are truly injured or orphaned. 

To help you be sure, check the information below or call us at  905-729-0033.

If you have rescued an injured or orphaned animal, place it in a covered box but do not feed it anything unless advised to do so by a wildlife custodian. There might be an injury that could be worsened by eating or drinking. In the case of adult wildlife you may place a shallow dish of water in the box but nothing deep, as an injured animal can drown easily.

When bringing rescued animals to Procyon Wildlife or a designated drop spot, do not travel with your pets or a loud radio in the car. The trip will be difficult enough for the animal without any added stressors. If you have encountered a wildlife animal in distress which is not shown on the list below, please call us for assistance and guidance.





* Bear, Cougar. Please call the Ministry of Natural Resources.

If you are located outside of the area that Procyon Wildlife services, visit this link for a complete list:

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