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Please click here click here for a complete description of what is required to be a Procyon Wildlife volunteer.

  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.
  • volunteers must have their own transportation so they can arrive for their scheduled shifts on time.
  • time commitments vary according to the area in which a person volunteers.
  • volunteers must remember that as representatives of Procyon Wildlife, they must act in a professional manner when dealing with the public. We count on the public for support, and they must be treated courteously and with respect at all times.

Ways to Get Involved

Animal Care

  • $100.00 initial fee which includes training, a tee-shirt and an online manual.
  • time commitment is a minimum of five hours per week.
  • duties include housekeeping, animal care, feeding and communication.
  • volunteers must exercise caution and sound judgment at all times when working with wild animals.
  • Apply New Vounteer Application Form
  • Returning Volunteers must fill out a Returning Volunteer Application Form every year according to MNR rules.

Answering Phones – Hotline Phone Handlers
Procyon Wildlife’s Hotline handles hundreds of calls per year.  Volunteers play an integral role in the function of the hotline by transcribing messages, arranging appointments for admissions, and ensuring that situations of concern are dealt with immediately, as well as helping to arrange drivers for picking up wildlife in distress.  You would screen calls to be sure the animal is in need of care, give advice and educate. Assist in admitting sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. Hotline Volunteers are asked to commit to one scheduled shift of six hours per week. There are two possible shifts each day: Morning: 8:00am to 2:00pm or Afternoon: 2:00pm – 8:00pm.

More information on what is required of our phone handlers

  • pick up or drop off animals, usually at short notice
  • transporting sick, injured or orphaned animals
  • releasing rehabilitated animals
  • events, fairs, tours, schools, educational presentations in-house and outsourcing, teach public awareness and coexistence, wildlife education
Food and Supplies
  • Our patients have a wide range of dietary requirements!  Volunteers pick up food and animal-related supplies on a regular basis.
Foster Care
  • Due to time and space limitations, we sometimes rely on foster parents to raise babies in their own homes (complete training provided).  Foster volunteers enable us to admit more orphans than would otherwise be possible, giving more babies a chance of survival.
Fundraising & Administration
  • time commitment varies, depending on the activities or projects in which volunteers are involved.
  • examples are: canvassing for donations, helping out at booths at local festivals and events and tracking donation boxes. Volunteers may also create or contribute to marketing materials and newsletters.
  • Fundraising: organize fairs, tournaments, seek out new ideas for fundraising
  • Administration: updating database, email lists, stuffing envelopes, typing forms, printing, filing

Grant Reviewer  The purpose of our Grant Writing Committee is to review and make applications to organizations, foundations and charities that might be interested in providing grants to Procyon Wildlife. Skill Set Required for Volunteer Grant Reviewer:

  • Computer literate;
  • Need to devote a minimum of 4 hours per week;
  • Able to work on your own without supervision – self-motivated;
  • Comfortable with Zoom Virtual meetings;
  • Pleasant with good phone skills to deal with people;
  • Time management;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Decision making;
  • Team player.

Internship Programs

  • Working at Procyon will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the care of a wide variety of animals and give you a realistic idea of what is involved in animal rehabilitation.
  • This experience will help you to decide if working with wildlife is what you really want to do as a career
  • as well as give you the experience to help gain acceptance into an animal care-related program. You will work under the supervision of our Animal Care Coordinator and with our experienced senior volunteers.
  • For applicants who do not live within commuting distance, we do have basic, shared accommodation. You would need to bring your own bedding and towels, and be responsible for your own meals. Laundry facilities are available as well as limited internet access.
  • Click here to apply – must be 18 years of age or older, or be 18 by the start of the requested start date.
Janitorial Volunteers
  • ensuring that supplies are clean and readily accessible.  Maintain the cleanliness of the kitchens and nurseries. Wash sheets, blankets and bedding. Fold and organize clean laundry.  Ensure that appropriate caging and supplies are ready for incoming patients.
Site Maintenance & Improvement
  • time commitment varies depending on the project.
  • ongoing site maintenance requires 2-6 hours weekly.
  • site improvement and maintenance projects are always underway at Procyon Wildlife.
  • Grounds Maintenance: lawn mowing, shoveling, clearing property, general upkeep
  • Construction & Maintenance: carpentry, construction, fencing, cage repair, new projects
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