We have approximately 123 awesome volunteers. We ask them to nominate a volunteer who they feel make such a positive difference to Procyon. Once a month we draw a name for the Volunteer of the Month.

July 2016

Once again we have 2 volunteers of the month.  To be perfectly honest we could have 50 each month because you have been so impressive this season.  However just remember that we value all of you.
First is Dawn Snider who does far more then just cover her shift.  She would give Mr. Clean a run for his money because she has done so much to keep Procyon clean and tidy.  She spent hours this past winter cleaning and sanitizing all the nurseries.
Next is Janice Barclay who is backing away from Procyon for awhile to enjoy her family more, but I cannot list all the things that Janice has done to improve Procyon.  The list is endless and aside from her, we want to thank her whole family for their generous contributions.
Thank you ladies,

June 2016:

baby coon 1 baby coon 2Our volunteer for the month of June is actually 2 volunteers. They seem to be shy about having their pictures posted so for your enjoyment I’ve posted a couple of our babies. Penny and Julie are Monday morning volunteers and they have worked under a lot of stress for most of this season as their shifts were so short of volunteers. 4 hours shifts turned into 7 hours.

Thanks ladies for always being there for the animals.




May 2Sarah Bruce Mars016:

This month the volunteer was Sarah Marrs Bruce and if I told you how extraordinary this lady is, you wouldn’t believe me.

She spends hours at Procyon and nothing phases her. We hope she knows what a huge difference she makes at Procyon. Thank you Sarah.