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Freedom Day for three beautiful red squirrels. Zelda, whom I had the honour to foster for 22 days, and Melinda and Miranda.

Zelda went back to Procyon Wildlife Centre to learn to socialize with Melinda and Miranda. After living together in an outdoor enclosure to get used to all sorts of weather, they were ready for release.

Orphaned wildlife babies must be released within 15 km of where they were found, so these three were a fit for release on our country property.

On your mark, get set, GO!!!! Camera missed video of the last two, but when I checked later, the three were cavorting around their nest box. ❤️😊❤️ how wonderful to climb so high up in the trees.


Many THANKS for the work of so many at Wildlife Rescue Nests…..the comfort found by so many wee critters is hard to express…..but it does make a big difference

SOS Humane Wildlife Removal works closely with Procyon when they meed a rehabilitation centre for young or injured animals. They return to release the animals that they have brought to us because the animals must be returned to within 15 kms. of where they were found. Take a look at their video and enjoy.


Called this guy the mighty Thor….came in as tiny wee guy with 3 broken legs ….so awesome to see him recovered and ready to return home. Happy day!

Today was a lovely day to…….release the skunks…..can only see one in this clip but there are now 6 happy black and white critters digging in the mud beside the river :). These guys came in tiny babies needing syringe feeding many times a day.


More fun with worms

One group ….divided between playing with/eating worms and another playing with their hammock


Delightful videos – check out Procyon’s Instagram Page to see more!

Dinner time for this outdoor raccoon 🍽 #procyonwildlife #raccoon #babyraccoon #dinnertime #hungryhungryhippo #feedingtime

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Before mealtime at the Procyon Wildlife Raccoon Nursery:

After mealtime… what a difference full bellies make!

On a nice warm day, our raccoons enjoy paddling around in the pool. As we are working towards their release, we add enrichments such as pieces of fruit and minnows to prepare them for the wild.


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