Meat time for this baby squirrel

This newborn eastern grey squirrel came into Procyon Wildlife last past summer. A babies best survival is with its mother. But when it is orphaned or injured we take care of them. Like you see in this video we are feeding this newborn with a 1ml syringe and special nipple that the babies learn to suckle on just like mom’s. We also have specific formula imported from the US for every animal, this baby gets infant squirrel 6 times a day!

This little one’s eyes are closed, and won’t fully open until about four weeks of age!

Many THANKS for the work of so many at Wildlife Rescue Nests…..the comfort found by so many wee critters is hard to express…..but it does make a big difference.

Eastern grey squirrel is released after being rehabilitated Procyon Wildlife

Freedom Day for three beautiful red squirrels; Zelda, Melinda and Miranda. Zelda was cared for by one of our foster parents for 22 days. She then went back to us at Procyon to learn how to socialize with other squirrels. After living together in an outdoor enclosure to get used to all sorts of weather, Zelda, Melinda and Miranda were ready for release.

Orphaned wildlife babies must be released within 15 km of where they were found, so these three were a fit for release on the foster parent’s country property. On your mark, get set, GO!!!! Camera missed video of the last two, but when they checked later, the three were cavorting around their nest box. ❤?❤ how wonderful to climb so high up in the trees.



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