Being babies is all about play time and eating at Procyon Wildlife Rehabilitation. This little family is waiting for their bottles. Making the best of it with playing hard with their siblings. Then they will crash in a nice clean bed with full tummies.

Baby raccoons at play learn important life skills for when they are released back into the wild.

Like all babies, after feeding time, the room was silent as the babies were fast asleep with full bellies.

On Mondays at Procyon Wildlife EVERY raccoon enclosure gets a deep clean. This means taking out all the old straw, food, water, and enrichments. We then put all new things in for them, as you can see they absolutely love it. Now every morning and evening all the poop gets picked up and given fresh water! It’s a team effort because of all the raccoons and enclosures we have! At Procyon we have 20 raccoon enclosures with 4-7 raccoons in each cage!

Providing fresh greenery for our wildlife exposes them to what they will encounter in the wild.

Raccoons eating worms – another important enrichment to prepare for their future life in the wild.

Raccoons all grown up and getting ready for release back to the wild!

SOS Humane Wildlife Removal works closely with Procyon when they need a rehabilitation centre for young or injured animals. Once our wildlife charges are ready for release, SOS returns to pick up the animals that they have brought to us because the animals must be released within 15 km of where they were found. Take a look at their video and enjoy.


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