Innisfil’s Biggest Garage Sale is being organized by Jacquie and Ashely, residents of Innisfil.

The Alcona community of Innisfil worked together with Procyon Volunteer Jennifer Howard, to help save multiple families of foxes suffering from severe mange. Their efforts to save these foxes from certain death, by capturing them and getting them the help they need at Procyon Wildlife Rehab and Education Centre is truly inspiring.

Now, this amazing community will be holding a town wide GARAGE SALE. The vendors’ fees collected will be donated to  Procyon Wildlife.

  • Minimum $5.00 donation per vendor to participate!
  • Proceeds to go to Procyon Wildlife in Beeton, Ontario
  • Garage Sale is on July 10th, 2021!

Visit the dedicated FaceBook page for this event at

The residents of Innisfil have proven that…

HELP is in YOUR hands… it’s in all OUR hands!

That’s what great communities like Innifsil do!

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