What we provide to interns:

Working at Procyon will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the care of a wide variety of animals.  This experience will help you to decide if working with wildlife is what you really want to do as a career, as well as give you the experience to help gain acceptance into an animal care related program.  You will work under the supervision of our Animal Care Coordinator and with our experienced senior volunteers.

Your time with us will give you a realistic idea of what is involved in animal rehabilitation, the exciting and fulfilling aspects as well as the daily chores necessary to keep our animals healthy and our facility sanitary.  We will teach you best practices for caring for the animals while maintaining professional distance in order that they can be successfully released.

Job description:

Our internship program is a voluntary (unpaid) commitment.

During the spring/summer months you will work 40 hours per week in 4 days of 10 hours each.  The minimum commitment is 2 months.  Shifts are mostly afternoon/evenings, though can be anywhere from 6 am to 11 pm, including weekends and holidays.  During the fall/winter months, our internship program is part time.  You will work 20 hours per week, doing 4 shifts of 5 hours each, with a minimum commitment of 4 months.  Applicants requesting longer placements will be given preference.

Our Animal Care Technician will be hosting several hands-on seminars over the summer months, with topics ranging from administrative tasks to medical procedures.  During the winter months, this learning will be more of a 1-1 teaching process. Areas of learning include animal identification and intake, basic medical practices such as recognizing illness, wound treatment, tube feeding and the administration of medications, as well as procedures for releasing animals back to the wild.  Daily activities include learning the necessary protocols for ensuring the health of the animals, the preparation and delivery of appropriate foods for each species, record keeping, and the safe handling of all animals.

The work is physically demanding, requiring the ability to lift heavy items such as feedbags, water buckets, animals ready for release, as well as shovelling wet straw and animal waste.


As a Procyon intern, you will need to work well as a team member.  With over a hundred volunteers working at the Centre, it is important that you have excellent communication and problem-solving skills.  A positive attitude and professional demeanour are required.

During the early spring with many new babies arriving at the Centre, the work is demanding and fast-paced.  You will need to prioritize jobs and work efficiently.  Later in the season when the demands of care are less hectic, it is important that you use initiative to complete tasks that often get overlooked during the spring.

Safety for both yourself and the animals is a priority at Procyon, so adherence to protocols is imperative.  Cleanliness is a large part of our work responsibility with enclosures, laundry and work areas needing to be cleaned throughout the day.

As an intern, you will want to learn as much as possible.  The ability to accept guidance, ask questions, and to get involved in all aspects of rehabilitation is needed.


Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the start of the placement and have an up-to-date tetanus vaccine.  A rabies vaccine is preferred, but not necessary.


If you are interested in working with wildlife and think this program is right for you, please fill out the online application and send with your cover letter and resume and 2 letters of recommendation to de****@pr*************.com.

If you prefer to submit your application through Canada Post, mail it to Debra Spilar at Procyon Wildlife, 6441 7th Line, Beeton, Ontario, L0G 1A0.  To download the form, click here.

If you require a field placement for your college program, we can accommodate that after you have completed your internship placement.




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