Trouble is a GIRL!
Freedom Day for Ollie & The Tornadoes!
Thanks to our fantastic wildlife photographer Jennifer Howard for the photos!

Cuteness Personified – this baby never gets tired of playing with his toys!

Samson the Coyote: Happy Release Day – April 29th.

Some of the latest patients… pictures taken by wildlife Photographer, Jennifer Howard

Some of the orphaned and injured wildlife we have helped

The weather has turned so cold that even this Snowshoe Hare decided to use Procyon as a bed and breakfast for awhile.

We are so fortunate that people that do not volunteer weekly with us still step up and put aside a day to come to Procyon and help us with one of our chores. These four wonderful people made hammocks out of old firehoses for the outdoor enclosures. Even our little raccoon rascals would have a hard time destroying. It is looking like the hammocks are going to be enjoyed by these little rascals.

More pics by Wildlife Photographer, Jennifer Howard.

Some of this year’s babies. We are so fortunate to have nature photographer Jennifer Howard visit Procyon often and take pictures for us. Thanks Jennifer.


Caring for the Latest Additions

Just a Few of Our Precious Guests




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