For the first time EVER for Procyon, we have newborns in January.

Well… this is a first.

On January 25th, we got a call about a woman who found three newborn raccoons in a snowbank. Our phone volunteer was stunned and unsure if this was a prank call.

Sure enough… these three newborns had been dumped in the snow. They were near frozen and lifeless when found. Their rescuer acted fast by bringing them back up to temperature. Amazingly, they survived.

The finder was planning on renting a car today to get them to us, but we decided these babies couldn’t wait. With the help of a volunteer from Ontario Wildlife Transport, they were picked up and were able to be met at a truck stop with our Intern.

It took nearly 3 hours in stopped traffic with no visibility to get them. They are doing well this morning. Safe and warm with full bellies.

Please welcome Frostie, Blizzard, and Snowflake!

If you would like to sponsor one of these baby raccoons, click here.

Remembering Betty White.


2023 Betty White Challenge

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Major Improvements to Centre Accomplished in 2022

Major improvements were made to the centre in 2022 as a direct result of the incredible financial support we received from private donors, corporate and institutional sponsors. This financial support was crucial to continuing our mission to help injured, sick and orphaned wildlife but also allowed us to make significant improvements to the centre.

With the arrival of our Triage, Education and Office Trailer, we were able to finally convert the main building exclusively to animal care. To improve storage space the front entrance of the main building was converted to a closed-in porch allowing additional storage.

Triage, Education and Office Trailer
Gift Shop
Education Area – skeletons and pelts on display are for educational purposes.

The acquisition of equipment was another exciting advance for Procyon Wildlife. A fundraising campaign began in earnest at the beginning of 2022 for an onsite x-ray machine with us expecting that it might take several years for us to raise enough funds to purchase one. Imagine our delight and gratitude when this dream came true for us in December! Our deepest thanks go out to a major supporter who donated a significant sum to us to make this a reality.

2022 was also the year that a wonderful ultrasound machine was donated to us by Laura Loudoun Wilson, CD. It was donated and named in memory of Nancy, her now-deceased partner of 49 years.  The use of both the ultrasound machine and the x-ray machine means we can diagnose the condition of the animals faster. Before this, we would need to transfer sick and injured animals to an offsite vet facility, which increased the risk of additional trauma to the animal when being transported.

There are so many aspects to running our Centre that require different skill sets and we feel very appreciative toward our volunteers who worked so tirelessly in animal care, on the telephone hotline, in property and building maintenance, administration, and in organizing fundraising events throughout the year, such as the online auction, community fairs and markets, the photo shoots and events. All these amazing people have made 2022 one of our most successful and we could not have accomplished so much without this support. Thank you so much for helping us to save wildlife in need and release them back into the wild.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, read more here on what it means to be a volunteer.