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Even if you are a returning volunteer, the MNR requires that a new application be filled out each year. Thank you for being a member of our team.
(Vaccinations are not mandatory; however you may be restricted from working with rabies vector species).

Please note: Shifts will be filled according to which shifts require coverage.

We will do our best to provide the shift you have requested, however, our baby wildlife is our first priority and shifts will be filled according to which shifts require coverage.

Regarding Animal Care Volunteering Orphans are fragile and require frequent feedings over a 24 hour period. It is imperative that every volunteer attend the Training Sessions and read the Manual on Caring for Wildlife. Volunteers at Procyon must be committed to the shift that they have signed up to cover for a minimum of 3mths. If volunteers do not show up when expected, the burden of feeding falls on the shoulders of the other volunteers which means the 24 hour feeding schedule will be put in jeopardy. If you cannot cover your shift, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. You will be given Volunteers’ emails and phone numbers to contact for coverage of a shift where you will be absent. Shifts run approximately 5 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less; however after the babies have been fed, there is still much to do including, and not limited to, sweeping and mopping floors, laundry, washing baby bottles, dishes and utensils, etc. Please remember that this facility is a hospital and must be kept sterile and clean at all times. I must view the online training videos, read the training manual and complete an online or in person Volunteers Training Test (for animal care positions) I understand that whereas my volunteer work may involve contact with wild and/or domestic/exotic animals, there is a risk that I may be scratched, bitten, or may come into contact with a diseased animal. I agree and acknowledge that I will report any bite or scratch, no matter how minor, to the supervisor, volunteer coordinator or a Director immediately. I hereby verify and do state that I have never been convicted of cruelty to animals or investigated for any incidents related to cruelty to animals. In consideration for the opportunity to perform any unpaid volunteer work for Procyon Wildlife, I agree to fully release Procyon Wildlife and its officers, employees or agents from any and all liability for any damage or injury, whether arising from this contact or a breach thereof or from any act of negligence or gross negligence by Procyon Wildlife , its officers, employees or agents. I understand that all Procyon Wildlife information given to me and all information that I may be privy to in the course of my volunteer work is of a confidential nature and protected by privacy legislation (PIPEDA). I agree not to disclose to any individual or group, any information regarding any persons, other volunteers, members of the public, procedures, policies or activities of Procyon Wildlife that may be made known to me during the course of my volunteering. I understand that it is my responsibility to acknowledge and respect all rules, regulations, practices, procedures and policies in the same manner as a volunteer of Procyon Wildlife would be required to do. I recognize that as a volunteer it is my responsibility to ensure that appropriate education and training has been supplied to me before I commence my duties in any department. I will take any ideas, constructive comments, suggestions, questions or issues directly to my supervisor, volunteer coordinator or a Director and document them in writing. If communication problems develop between employees, other volunteers and myself, as a volunteer, I will do my best to work out the issues myself, and if this is not successful, I will report the problem, along with my efforts to find a solution, to a supervisor. I understand that when I am performing duties for Procyon Wildlife, I may not bring friends or family members with me or invite them to the centre without permission. I understand that under no circumstances am I to remove wild animal(s) under care from the Procyon Wildlife premises. I agree and acknowledge that while I am volunteering for Procyon Wildlife, I represent the organization when I am out in public will conduct myself in a positive manner and uphold all principles and practices of the organization as they pertain to native Ontario wildlife and the organization itself. I understand that I am working for Procyon Wildlife as an unpaid volunteer and do not anticipate or expect any paid employment or paid employment offers as a result of my volunteer activity. Procyon Wildlife has my permission to use any and all photographs taken of me during the course of my duties, to promote Procyon Wildlife programs or to publicize any event. I understand that all prints, negatives and digital images or any other form of digital imaging become the sole property of Procyon Wildlife and may be used without payment or prior notification.

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