Foxes are naturally curious and can be found sleeping on decks, driveways, on your lawn, or under your car. Don’t be alarmed, this is natural behavior as they have had to learn to coexist with us. They are not a threat to you, your children or your pets, however please teach your children to watch them from a distance as they are a wild animal and all wild animals need to be respected.

Do not feed them as they can become food-conditioned, losing their wariness of us.

If you see a fox scratching constantly, patches of fur coming off, no fur on tail or body, crusty face and eyes or body, this is sarcoptic mange. These tiny mites burrow under the fox’s skin, laying their eggs, causing the animal much discomfort. Mange does not go away, it gets worse. The fox will need treatment to get better from this horrible disease. Depending on severity, itcan take up to 3 months to completely heal.

It also may take time to catch them since foxes are incredibly smart animals. Call us right away to start a plan. They won’t give in easily. Mange is treatable, but if left untreated the fox will die a slow horrible death. Mange also can spread to healthy animals and kitts. It is very important to call us right away if you continue to see the fox so we can work together to get the animal into our care. Do not feed unless we are working with you to capture it. And then only follow that plan.

If a fox is severely emaciated it can not be given too much foodsince it can get refeeding syndrome, if it is fed too much the animal can die.

If you see foxes limping, often they will heal on their own. If you can please take photos or videos to share with us so we can determine the nature of the injury.

If you see a fox hit by a car, wearing heavy gloves, carefullywrap it in a towel/blanket and try to put it in a crate/ carrier. Keep its head covered to calm the animal, call us and say it’s an emergency on your message. Keep warm and quiet and secure until you hear back from us. Do not give the animal food or water.

Always when transporting wildlife to us please do so in a quiet car, no radio, do not pet or talk to them, do not give food or water and keep them secured and covered

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