President of the Board, Custodian and Director for Procyon Wildlife, Debra Spilar has recently begun an exciting new program at Procyon.

Each year, countless wild animals suffer harm at the hands of humans, either deliberately or due to lack of knowledge.

Debra firmly believes that a lot of needless suffering could be be prevented by education. For example did you know that?

Opossums are Ontario’s only marsupials? If you see a dead opossum on the road, please check that there are not little charges nestled inside mother’s pouch.

If you see a dead turtle on the road, there may be eggs inside? Bring them to us… we will see those eggs safely hatched.

What you may think is an abandoned animal, may just be separately from its mother temporarily. Call us at (905) 729-0033 to be absolutely sure! Or visit this link, What to Do if You Find Wildlife in Distress.

If your school or institution would like to learn more about our Education Program, please contact us at