Procyon Wildlife is excited to let everyone know that we now have an education program to teach the young and old about wildlife.

Each year, countless wild animals suffer harm at the hands of humans, either deliberately or due to lack of knowledge. A lot of needless suffering could be prevented by education. What you may think is an abandoned animal, may just be separated from its mother temporarily, as she forages for food. Call us at (905) 729-0033 to be absolutely sure! Or visit this link, What to Do if You Find Wildlife in Distress.

If your children’s school or institution would like to learn more about our Education Program, download our Procyon Wildlife Education Brochure or contact us at

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More interesting facts… Did You Know?

Opossums are Ontario’s only marsupials? If you see a dead opossum on the road, please check that there are no little babies nestled inside the mother’s pouch.

If you see a dead turtle on the road, there may be eggs inside? Bring them to us… we will see those eggs safely hatched.

MANGE is a type of skin disease

Fox with Mange before treatment
Fox after treatment, fully recovered. 🙂

caused by parasitic mites.  Since mites also infect plants, birds, and reptiles, the term “mange”, suggests a poor condition of the hairy coat due to infection.  Mange can be seen in domestic animals (cats and dogs), in livestock such as sheep and in wild animals such as coyotes, fox and many others species.  If the infected wild animal is brought to a wildlife rehab centre, the disease is fully treatable.  Here is a before/after picture of a fox that was admitted to Procyon Wildlife. With the proper medication and TLC this fox is ready to be released today, without it, it would surely have passed away.  Another happy ending!

Coyote Admitted 10/24/2017 with the worst case of mange ever seen by Procyon Wildlife Staff.
Coyote Admitted 10/24/2017 with the worst case of mange ever seen by Procyon Wildlife Staff.
Last night we admitted a coyote (bottom pic) that came in with the worst case of Mange we have seen in a long time.  Here’s hoping for another happy ending for this little girl.