as of November 15th, 2021

At Procyon Wildlife we remain dedicated to the safety of our valued volunteers as well as to the animals in our care.

Current best practice protocols are to check anyone entering shared inside space from different households or cohorts to provide proof of vaccination.

To avoid checking these documents as each person enters the building every time, we have requested electronic records to be sent to the Volunteer Coordinator one time for anyone planning to enter the building or work with the animals for the foreseeable future and for everyone currently performing scheduled shifts.

For those doing outside work only, not in close contact with others or the animals (examples – maintenance, construction) this will not be required. For those doing offsite support activities, it also will not be required.

For any non-regular volunteers who have not already provided proof of vaccination or service personnel that are entering the building for maintenance activities or service, this will be requested at the door prior to entry.

These records will not be disclosed, copied or distributed in any way.

If anyone needs to have their duties adjusted to meet this policy please reach out at your earliest opportunity to in**@pr*************.com.

We all look forward to the future when these requirements can be discontinued.

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