Covid 19 Policy (as of March 2022)

At Procyon Wildlife we remain dedicated to the safety of our valued volunteers as well as to the animals in our care.

Proof of Vaccination is no longer required to enter the building, but we will continue the current screening at entrance until further notice.  Please do NOT come to the centre if you have been in close contact with anyone that has tested or is presumed to be positive, or are experiencing symptoms yourself.  If you will fail screening, reach out to get your shift covered.

Masks continue to be required when indoors or within close contact with others OR the ANIMALS until further notice.  More is being learned about the impacts on animals and its effects on them.

Some wild species have already tested positive and this is based on extremely limited testing still. As a result, masks will be remain mandatory, especially as Covid is not the only possible exposure we deal with at the centre.

We will continue to follow all developments on this front and will adjust as we go.  We remain focused on your health and the health of the critters.

We all look forward to the future when these requirements can be discontinued.

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