Procyon Sponsor an Orphan Program

Will you please sponsor me? And give me my name?

Someone threw me and my siblings away in the garbage.

I am now safe at Procyon but I would be so happy if you would sponsor me.

My poor little front leg is fractured in two places, and my lip was ripped open but since I am young I will heal quickly. I am getting great vet care, pain meds, regular feedings and lots of love and attention.

Would you please help out by sponsoring me?


Baby Raccoon

For details on how to sponsor me or any another baby, please see the Sponsor an Orphan Program flyer below or Donate Now


Procyon’s Newest Patient: Great Grey Owl

Procyon Wildlife’s newest patient that came in this morning… a Great Grey Owl with a possible broken humural head in its right shoulder.

I have the distinct privilege of caring for this lovely Grey Owl who is currently getting medications 2x a day. A very good patient, takes meds well and after ‘first day’ jitters has calmed down and is eating well. Will need some rest and time to recover and regain strength and heal. Sarah Mars.