Some very sad news about Phoenix-Rose

Some very sad news about our little Phoenix-Rose. Sadly, she passed away a few days ago.

She appeared to be healing and doing very well, however something may have occurred internally, possibly due to the abuse.

We want to thank everyone who donated toward her care, because it allowed us to give her every possible chance for recovery.

Thank you for caring.

Procyon Wildlife

Our Baby Needs a Name Contest

Our little three month old burn victim is stable, but is still in critical condition.

By the time she recovers from her injuries, it will be too late in the season to release her back into the wild.

Our volunteers are inviting you to name our baby, since she is expected to stay with us for approximately a year, as she recuperates from her serious injuries.

Name Submissions will be accepted until August 21st and the winner will be reviewed and decided upon by the Procyon Board of Directors.

An announcement of the name choice and the winner will be made on our  Website and on Facebook on August 23rd. The winner will receive a Gift Bag of Goodies from the Procyon Gift Shop.

To enter the Contest, please click on the link below: