Donation of Cat Trees Provide Enrichment to our Wildlife Winter Residents

We just got a donation of cat trees for our animals in care so we put them in all our large enclosures. Looks like the opossums are having fun. It provides good enrichment. Thank you, they love them!

Thank you to our Supporters

2020 has certainly been a strange year, and yet, we realise we have so much for which to still be thankful.

Even though our regular fundraising efforts were eliminated due to COVID-19, nonetheless, we are extremely grateful for the ongoing support of our sponsors, private individuals, corporations, institutions, municipalities and our hard-working and dedicated volunteers who keep Procyon running year long.

If you have not had a chance to take a look at the folks who support us, please visit this link:

You never know, you may be looking for just the type of goods and services these companies offer!