Release Time for Opossum admitted this past fall with head injuries!

This past autumn, an opossum with head injuries (most likely hit by a car) arrived at the Procyon Wildlife Centre. He required a lot of care, and finally yesterday he was ready to be released back into the wild.

He originally came from an area, where one of our volunteers resides, so he was released on their property.

The Ministry of Natural Resources regulations are that baby animals must be released within 15 km of where they were originally found and adults within 1km of where they were found.

It is particularly crucial that adults be released in an area with which they are familiar since they already know where their food sources are located.

This rather large male opossum was in a nest box, which was placed in their forest. A dish of tuna was placed next to the door of the open nest box.

At 8 pm, the volunteer’s spouse went out and saw that the opossum had poked his head out of the nest box, and was munching on the tuna.

An hour later, this gorgeous boy had disappeared into the forest. He is actually quite a handsome possum (the photo doesn’t do him justice), and we wish him a good life.

With ticks being really bad this year, he will have plenty eat!