Spring in Full Swing

by Jennifer Howard

This Corona-19 pandemic is far from over, but Mother Nature is still continuing on, full speed ahead. Maybe even fuller speed ahead.

Orphaned babies, sick and injured are pouring out of the woodwork. Please, if you see a mother, give her space; it’s only a matter of time before she and her family will move on. You can also try to make it uncomfortable for her and she may just move her family on her own to a safer place. They do have more than one den site usually.

Remember, since so many of us are staying home due to the pandemic,  it’s much quieter. Wildlife is not used to this quiet and less people, so they are taking advantage of it; they do not know any differently.

Soon our busy society will be picking up again. Hopefully people will remember it’s not over yet so social distancing and hand washing/sanitizing still MUST be practiced. Staying home is still your best bet to stay healthy and keep others healthy. It’s not just about us, it’s about everyone and everything.

As for trying to make a wildlife mother move on from a nice dark quiet place to raise their young, put a light up and leave it on 24/7. Put a strobe light in the area or get coyote or fox scent, or even try fur from a good brushing of your dog or cat, both predators, or you can probably buy something like that from Cabelas or Pro Bass Shop. Put on the noisy talk radio; they don’t like it near the nest. But then leave them to it. If you keep hanging around and bothering them they may just leave a baby or two behind.


Please Check Burn Piles Closely Before Lighting!

About this time last year, in April of 2019,  Meadow and baby Pebble were admitted to Procyon Wildlife.

Once again it is the season that people are tidying up their gardens and property of the past season’s debris.

Before you burn those piles, please check to see if any animals are inside those piles. Many wildlife animals use them for nests to deliver their babies, like Mama Meadow, who came to us with burns on her face, arm and belly. On her way to the vet for treatment of her burns, to our surprise, she popped out an itty bitty baby.

Mama Meadow could not nurse her newborn because of the burns to her belly and nipples so baby Pebble was bottle fed to supplement in between her quality time with mama.

So please check those piles of rubble before you burn them, lives depend on it. A tragedy like this was preventable.

HELP is in YOUR Hands!