NOVICA names Procyon “Cause of the Week” during week of February 3rd!

During the week of February 3rd, Novica has chosen Procyon Wildlife as their Cause of the Week and will be donating 25% of their sales toward our Centre!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you can gift the animal lover in your life with beautifully handcrafted items from Novica and help the orphaned and injured animals that come through our doors.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Novica, it is an e-commerce website that enables artisans around the globe to sell their handcrafted goods to customers worldwide. Partnered with the National Geographic Society, Novica sells unique items such as handcrafted works of art,  handmade jewelry, clothing and world-style home decor.

To check out the wonderful artisanal gifts that Novica provides, visit:

HELP is in YOUR Hands.

Novica has partnered with the Procyon Wildlife Centre!

Any time people purchase an item from the following Procyon/Novica site…

NOVICA Fundraiser for Procyon Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center – Gifts that Give Back 

..Procyon will receive 25% of each sale to help our animals being cared for at the Centre.

Novica, which is associated with National Geographic, has partnered with the Procyon Wildlife Centre! All items are hand crafted by artisans around the globe, so the items are unique and beautifully crafted.

There are many beautiful pieces of jewellery for sale by Novica, however, also available for purchase, are unique clothing for both men and women and home decor items, etc…

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, you can order from any country, as the items are shipped directly from the source country. So please think of Procyon Wildlife next time you want to purchase something beautiful for yourself or a loved one… and help the orphaned and injured animals that come through our doors.

The selection is vast, and new items come up all the time. Check their website often as new items are constantly being added on.

Simply place your order by going to