Fox Fury

photos and article by Jennifer Howard

In mid-March, I began receiving messages about sightings of mangy foxes in the Alcona area of Innisfil. I started working with caring community members and together we ended up setting up a network of 5 live traps. These traps were all in secure places and were being monitored by homeowners, and by cameras.

As the foxes continued to worsen, I got more aggressive. On April 24th, I started sitting at locations where reported sightings had been made by concerned people monitoring the foxes’ routines and by what the cameras showed.


Wildlife Volunteering

photos and aricle by Jennifer Howard

Any way you say it. Wildlife volunteering or volunteering for wildlife. It’s the same incredible experience. It’s not easy but training is provided and you shadow experienced volunteers for a bit. This helps you get the confidence, ask the questions, get familiar with wildlife and other volunteers and everything in general.

Volunteering for a wildlife rehabilitation centre like Procyon Wildlife is very rewarding in many ways; there are many things you can do if you don’t want to handle the animals, cleaning, laundry, dishes, prepping meals and phone shifts which you do from your home. It’s endless and everything is important. And right now we need more phone volunteers. (more…)