Dog Tales Photos by Photographer Jennifer Howard

Just a few photos from Dog Tales. Thank you for having me along. I think this is a fantastic place. Those animals are loved and looked after. Way better than the alternative they had facing them.

The lady in the next booth handed over a rescue to Crystal. A very cute little caterpillar. Had to get that one. LOL. Good ole Procyon at work no matter where they are.  And my highlight was the hugs I was getting from the Clydesdale horses. What magnificent animals. And now they are safe to live their lives to the fullest.

Dog Tales Festival this Past Weekend

If you attended the Dog Tales Festival this past weekend, you will have discovered possibly the most magnificent rescue you could imagine. Just a description would not suffice as the grandeur of Dog Tales is impossible to put into words. The owners of this rescue have provided a sanctuary and safe haven for dogs and horses that if not rescued faced homelessness and death.

dog fest 1a
dog fest 2a