Successful Fawn Release

Enjoy these beautiful photographs by Wildlife Photographer, Jennifer Howard. Today, she documented a very important event in the lives of these young fawns. After months of rehabilitation these animals were released back to nature by the dedicated team of Procyon Wildlife Volunteers. These are the happiest days for the volunteers, when they see their young charges finally go free, as they were meant to be.

Thank you to all that have made this day possible.

Young Entrepreneurs at Cookstown Central Public School Raise $1,049.88 for Deer Enclosure

Just got back from a visit to Cookstown Central Public school.

They picked Procyon Wildlife as their charity of choice to donate to. Their project was to create and market a business and sell homemade items that were environmentally friendly.

They recycled plastic bags and knit them into beautiful tote bags. The other item was homemade cards which they made from their own paper by recycling paper, but added wild flower seeds to them so instead of throwing out the card, you plant it in your garden for the butterflies and bees.

They have won an achievement award for doing so well. The money they raised will be used to complete our second deer pen. These two gentlemen are the CEOs of the business the class created.

Debra Spilar, President of the Board, Custodian, Director for Procyon, had visited the class two weeks ago and taught them about wildlife. The class invited her to come back for a reception party to receive the donation, which was an impressive $1,049.88!

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