NEW! Procyon’s Wildlife Livestreaming Video!

Check out the latest feature Procyon Wildlife is offering! Livestreaming of our animal enclosures! We have a four-way camera system that is live on YouTube. Visitors will be able to view our Squirrel, Opossum, Raccoon and Deer enclosures. Our cameras are live 24/7 so you can view what our wildlife charges are doing at nighttime too! The opossum is especially active at night! Note that there are no deer in our care at the moment, they were all successfully released this past fall. This time of year you are likely to see the squirrels and opossums. The raccoons are less likely to be spotted since with the colder temperatures they have entered a prolonged state of inactivity called torpor.

All you need to do is visit our website at, and choose the dropdown option called Livestreaming from the menu called Livestreaming, Videos and Photos. You can also view a selection of videos and photos taken by our Procyon Wildlife volunteers over past seasons.

A huge thank you goes out to Rob and Rhonda,, owners of Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry

A huge thank you goes out to Rob and Rhonda, owners of Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry, in Newmarket, who paid for all the materials and labour, to make these deer boxes.

Pictured is Andy who designed and built and delivered the boxes to Procyon.