A Big Thank you to Alliston Union Public School for Their Generosity!

Debra Spilar of Procyon Wildlife made a presentation at Alliston Union Public School for Mrs Macrae’s classroom today.

This is what the kids in that class collected for our animals as part of their math/science program.

What a great way to help our injured and orphaned babies at Procyon Wildlife. You too can help by collecting maple keys, acorns, chestnuts, pine cones, walnuts, willow branches, dandelions and apples.

Thank you.

To the Students – Thank you for Your Dedication to Procyon these Past 10 Weeks

It is time to say goodbye to the five students that Procyon was fortunate enough to have with us for the past 10 weeks. Katie, Bon, Calvin, Lisa and Yulia thank you so much for your dedication which took on much of the burden to help our wonderful volunteers and keep things running smoothly.