It is normal for Mama Rabbit to leave her babies by themselves

If you come across a bunny nest, it is important to leave it undisturbed as mom is easily stressed.
Babies usually just stay in the nest for 3 weeks at which time they leave the nest and no longer need their mom’s care. At this time, they are usually about 4 inches long and can hide in the grass.

Ways you can sponsor a rescued rabbit!

There are a few different ways you can celebrate “Sponsor a Rescued Rabbit” month. One way is to actually sponsor a rabbit through Procyon Wildlife.

Because rabbits usually stay with us for only a few weeks, their care isn’t very expensive, so sponsorship starts at just $35.

In your Sponsorship Package, you will receive a certificate and a picture of the rabbit. And, of course, the heartfelt thanks from the little bunny (you’ll have to use your imagination for that!). Your donation helps in the cost of its rehabilitation including food for the time it is with us, as well costs associated with medical procedures. Another way to sponsor rabbits in our care is to drop off bags of Timothy hay and Timothy cubes which rabbits need on a daily basis in order to stay healthy.