Wildlife Hazards – What We Need to Know!

There is so much to talk about when spring arrives. Things we need to know to protect our wildlife. I am going to try to touch base on the most important ones that can cause the most problems or even life itself.

Winter clean up. That’s right; all those storms and high winds through winter into spring, the downed branches, trimming back bushes and shrubs. What do we do with all that? Some of us make brush piles. The plan is to burn them. But WAIT. Our wildlife is looking for places to birth their little ones, quiet, dark places. Like brush piles. Or places to sleep through the day. Fast asleep unknowing the dangers they could face. Please check that pile thoroughly before you lite that match, kick it, rustle it, do everything you can to make sure nothing is inside it. Having said that, creating small natural brush piles for them on purpose is great to supply them with shelter from predators, but only if you are doing that exclusively for your wildlife friends and NOT to burn.

Last year we lost a mother raccoon and all her newborn babies because she was critically burned. Her condition and stress brought her babies into this world early, she was unable to care for them as her stomach suffered burns, and they were too small for us to successfully care for, and a tad underdeveloped. They all died along with their mother. To watch her try to care for the lone survivor was precious, we gave them time together carefully. But she was just so severely injured outside and internally too. And her babies not ready to come into this world. Not quite yet. None survived. A total disaster.

Crush your soda cans, little wildlife babies love to explore, their little hands can reach into the tiny opening of a pop/ soda can and get stuck. Causing great trauma to that little life and much damage in injuries, or worse, that is if it is lucky to be found.

Wash everything that goes in your recycling bin but also put the lids back on. Wildlife can get their heads in there and get stuck. Starving, suffocating if nobody finds them. Coyotes, raccoons, foxes, skunks and more have suffered in this way, some losing their lives horribly. Other food containers that food comes in. Throw away responsibly, make sure they are empty and lids on. Tim Horton or any other take out place make sure cups or styrofoam take out containers are disposed of properly, ice cap lids washed and cut, straws, don’t accept them, we do not need straws, and our wildlife dies because of them. Unless they are paper.  Balloons, if you must use them, take them down when your event is done right away, burst them carefully and dispose of safely, balloons kill. On land and in the water whether it be lakes, wetlands, streams, rivers, or oceans. Any ring tab or 6 pack rings, cut them and dispose of safely. Fishing line, it kills, do not leave it behind. Change from lead sinkers to none lead.  Lead poisoning is a horrible death and slow. Swans, ducks, loons and more can get tangled in fishing line and even ingest it from the bottom of wetlands where hunting takes place, or fishing line which has snagged and broken with hook and lead still attached. Above the waterline, birds, animals and even owls can get caught in line left on trails or in trees. (more…)

Please Check Burn Piles Closely Before Lighting!

About this time last year, in April of 2019,  Meadow and baby Pebble were admitted to Procyon Wildlife.

Once again it is the season that people are tidying up their gardens and property of the past season’s debris.

Before you burn those piles, please check to see if any animals are inside those piles. Many wildlife animals use them for nests to deliver their babies, like Mama Meadow, who came to us with burns on her face, arm and belly. On her way to the vet for treatment of her burns, to our surprise, she popped out an itty bitty baby.

Mama Meadow could not nurse her newborn because of the burns to her belly and nipples so baby Pebble was bottle fed to supplement in between her quality time with mama.

So please check those piles of rubble before you burn them, lives depend on it. A tragedy like this was preventable.

HELP is in YOUR Hands!