Birds That Have Hit a Window

Each year during spring and fall migration, birds suffer injuries due to window collisions.

If you find a bird that has hit a window, place it in a small box with a non-fraying towel at the bottom and air holes poked from the inside-out. Do not place in any food or water as they may drown. Place the box in a warm, quiet, dark area for a couple of hours and then put the box outside and take the lid off. Often the bird will fly away immediately. However, if it does not attempt to fly, or cannot fly far, it should be transported to a wildlife rehabilitation centre right away. If the bird hit the window with enough force, it may have massive internal injuries and will not survive the trauma.

To prevent window strikes from occurring there are several things you can do: put decorative decals on your windows or install windsocks or wind chimes in your garden.

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