Bats – How to Safely Transport

Here is what you will need to safely transport a bat in trouble.

  • Make sure first that you wear gloves to protect yourself from being bitten,
  • A piece of small fleece can be put in the box for the bat to hide under and clutch to.
  • Many tiny air holes poked in the lid or around the top of the box are best.
  • Have the container ready to go so when it’s caught it can go right into that container
  • Once you have caught the bat and placed it in the box, make sure the lid fits tight, then carefully tape only the lid down. Or you can use a plastic container, but again, with many tiny air holes.
  • Then cover the box with a small towel to keep the bat calm.
  • Then call us at (905) 729-0033 to make arrangements to get it to us ASAP.

But no food or water please because we will take care of that later, and make sure absolutely no tape can be accessed by the bat inside the container. They can get into real trouble and actually can die if it’s too bad. Remember, they are very tiny animals and easily stressed.

Call us to arrange admission. Transport to us and we will take it from there.

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