Honour Your Mom this Year with a Gift that Helps Wildlife in Need!

Every season, through no fault of their own, wildlife babies lose their Moms. This Mother’s Day, please consider a truly meaningful gift for your Mom, by sponsoring wildlife babies who have lost their moms!
Your Gift will include a Picture of the Baby of your choice and a Sponsor Certificate which can be sent to your Mom by email or regular mail.

To participate, contact: info@procyonwildlife.com


It is normal for Mama Rabbit to leave her babies by themselves

If you come across a bunny nest, it is important to leave it undisturbed as mom is easily stressed.
Babies usually just stay in the nest for 3 weeks at which time they leave the nest and no longer need their mom’s care. At this time, they are usually about 4 inches long and can hide in the grass.