Spring in Full Swing

Spring in Full Swing

by Jennifer Howard

This Corona-19 pandemic is far from over, but Mother Nature is still continuing on, full speed ahead. Maybe even fuller speed ahead. Orphaned babies, sick and injured are pouring out of the woodwork. Please, if you see a mother, give her space; it’s only a matter of time before she and her family will move on. You …

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For the month of June

Enter Procyon Wildlife as Your Favourite Charity!

Please give Procyon Wildlife the chance to WIN $20,000, during the Great Canadian Giving Challenge.

Every $1* donated by you during the month of June enters us automatically!

To donate, please visit: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/giv3/98727


One of our volunteers recently posted on FB that she hadn't seen Baltimore Orioles at their country property in years.

Apparently there are increased numbers this year, which is wonderful news.

These colourful exotic birds are a real treasure and the male's birdsong is simply breathtaking.

When she and her husband spotted a male drinking from the hummingbird feeder just …

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It's Turtle Season!

Ontario has 8 species of turtles. All 8 are now listed on the SAR list. “Species at risk” ranging from special concern to endangered. They are as follows: painted turtle, snapping turtle, spiny soft shell, stink pot or musk turtle, spotted turtle, blanding turtle, wood turtle and northern map turtle. Click here for Gallery of Ontario Turtles Work is being …

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Another baby has arrived at Procyon

Another baby that has arrived to call Procyon home until he is big enough to be released. Thank you to Crystal for the photos.

Did You Know?

Procupines cannot throw their quills. When they feel threatened they will attack predators by swatting their tails. They have about 30,000 quills on their body and they have soft hair mixed in with …

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Our Volunteers are hard at work saving wildlife babies!

We have many great, dedicated volunteers who are saving so many babies. There is no one more dedicated, knowledgeable and hardworking then our animal care coordinator Crystal. Procyon is so fortunate to have her.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and helping us rehabilitate animals at the Centre, please contact us at info@procyonwildlife.com.

For more information on How You Can Help, visit this link: https://www.procyonwildlife.com/volunteering-at-procyon/


A Big Thank You to Juliana Carpino

We are extending a big thank you to Juliana Carpino for donating two igloos and the carriers that rescue dogs Scar and Shine travelled in from Romania, Many thanks to Kallie, Lynda, and the volunteers that came all the way to Woodbridge to pick them up. The igloos will provide great homes for coyotes and foxes that are staying the Centre.


Message from one of our Rehabbers: Are there Animals in Your Attic?

If you hear an animal in your attic at this time of year PLEASE either give them some time to move on their own or encourage them to leave by putting a radio with blinking lights in the attic and give mom a few days to move her babies.

This is baby season and there is a 99.9% chance there are babies in there. Too many people trap and relocate the mom, and days later hear the babies. Do not call a trapper, call a wildlife rehabber for advice.

Please SHARE and keep sharing this information with everyone you know!. Rehabbers are already up to their eyeballs in baby raccoons!


Procyon Sponsor an Orphan Program

With many of our important fundraising programs cancelled due to COVID-19, we need the help of our supporters more than ever!

Our sponsorship package includes your choice of baby animal to sponsor, a picture and a certificate of the baby animal.

The animals that are currently available for sponsorship are: Bats, Fawns, Raccoons, Opossums, Squirrels, Cottontails and Porcupines.

For more details, visit https://www.procyonwildlife.com/sponsor-a-baby-animal/ or email us at info@procyonwildlife.com


Great Blue Heron

This image was kindly supplied by one of our Procyon supporters and advocates.

Found from the Maritimes to British Columbia, Great blue herons are our country's most widespread heron.

Most Great Blue Herons are here only during the breeding season. Later in the fall, when the rivers and lakes begin to freeze the herons fly south to overwinter in sunny places such as  Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean, even as far as South America

Some living on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts stay year-round.  

Did You Know?

• Herons can live up to 15 years.

• They can fly 55 km per hour.

• Adults weigh 2.5Kg and stand a metre tall.


If you encounter a wild animal which you believe needs help, please call us first at 905.729.0033

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Procyon remains open with a skeleton staff.

If you encounter a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal, please call first at 905-729-0033 and leave a message.

Your call will be returned by our phone volunteers ASAP.


Procyon needs your help more than ever! With the COVID-19 crisis, we are asking people not to bring animals to the centre without calling first. This means we need help from people to operate our phone lines from the safety of their home.

If you or someone you know might have a few extra hours per day to answer our hotline phones, please contact us at info@procyonwildlife.com

We will provide remote telephone training.

THE HOURS we need for telephone service are
Monday through to Sunday:     
8:00am-2:00pm or 2:00pm-8:00pm


Need to purchase a gift for someone?

Need to purchase a gift for someone? Or perhaps you are treating yourself! Please check out NOVICA for beautiful and unique items. For every item sold, the PROCYON WILDLIFE CENTRE, located in Beeton (just north of Toronto), receives 25%!!! With wildlife baby season fast approaching, and wildlife coming out of hibernation, it won't be long before we start getting orphaned and injured animals requiring our care. At Procyon, we care for these animals until they can be released back into the wild. We are thrilled to be partnered with NOVICA, which in turn, is associated with National Geographic.

Don't forget to shop at Novica for beautiful gifts that are sure to please! https://www.novica.com/procyonwildlife/

OR visit our Procyon ONLINE Store...



Procyon's Wish List

We have updated our wish list! To view it please  click here

We are also looking for volunteers to build us bat boxes, squirrel nest boxes and deer boxes! If you like to sew, we need hammocks for our baby squirrels and opossums!


Rabies Surveillance for May 27th, 2020

As reported by the Wildlife Research and Monitoring Section, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry:

From April 2nd to May 27th, 2020, no new cases of rabies were reported.

From January 1st to April 1st, 2020, only one skunk was confirmed with rabies in Hamilton. This is the first (non-bat) case detected in 2020.

We are currently at 472 cases of raccoon strain, and 21 cases of fox strain rabies in Ontario since December 2015.

For the full report and area map click here.


Our Mission: Procyon Wildlife is dedicated to working with our communities in an effort to help wild animals in need of care. Our goals are to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release these animals, and to promote public appreciation for wildlife preservation.