Although the Ford government has announced they are shutting down all non-essential services due to the COVID-19 virus, they have stated they are serious about animal welfare in the province and will not do anything which could put our animals at risk, therefore veterinarians, shelters or rescues are EXEMPT FROM PROVINCIAL SHUT DOWN.

As a result, Procyon Wildlife will continue to operate 7 days per week. 

In order to keep our volunteers and rescuers protected, we are operating with a very limited amount of volunteers per day.  

It is very important that appointments are pre-arranged to bring a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal so that someone experienced will be able to admit and treat the animal.

PLEASE CALL 905-729-0033 and leave a message.  Your call will be returned by our phone volunteers ASAP.

On behalf of Procyon Wildlife, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who can donate food and supplies amidst this pandemic.

We appreciate you taking wildlife into consideration during this difficult time. Stay safe and remember to wash your hands!

Thank you,

Procyon Wildlife

HELP is in YOUR hands!


Here Come the Babies!

by Jennifer Howard


Spring is literally around the corner now. We have already had reports of baby squirrels. So far Procyon has gotten injured or sick adult raccoons. But no babies have arrived just yet.

Overwintering animals have been released back into the wild. By now, the training of volunteers was supposed to be in full force, however, that is temporarily on hold.

Still, all the sterilizing and getting food and medical supplies being topped up for all the different species are in motion. They are ready at Procyon. So far the sick and injured have topped the list. Let’s all hope for a good year with more saves than losses.

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Live Trapping & Relocation can be a Death Sentence!

by Debra Spilar

It is a myth that live trapping and relocating a wild animal is a humane solution to dealing with a wild animal. The truth is that live trapping and relocating a wild animal can often be a death sentence.
Most wild animals defend a territory, that territory is theirs. This means they fight off competition, have food stores and know where to find resources and shelter.

Moving an animal from its territory puts it in an unfamiliar area, leaving it without shelter or food resources. It also puts an animal into another animal’s territory. The animal defending this territory will chase off, injure or even kill its competition in order to keep its territory.

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Late last week, two more tiny orphaned raccoon infants were brought to the Centre.

These babies still had their umbilical cords attached. They were given a bottle of formula, specifically made for baby raccoons, and then they had a nap. Their eyes and ears are still closed.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Procyon remains open with a skeleton staff. If you encounter a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal, you must make an appointment first so that someone experienced will be able to admit and treat the animal.

PLEASE CALL 905-729-0033 and leave a message.  Your call will be returned by our phone volunteers ASAP.


Procyon needs your help more than ever! With the COVID-19 crisis, we are asking people not to bring animals to the centre without calling first. This means we need help from people to operate our phone lines from the safety of their home.

If you or someone you know might have a few extra hours per day to answer our hotline phones, please contact us at info@procyonwildlife.com

We will provide remote telephone training.

THE HOURS we need for telephone service are
Monday through to Sunday:     
8:00am-2:00pm or 2:00pm-8:00pm


Volunteer Orientation & Training Dates Postponed due to COVID-19

We, at PROCYON WILDLIFE, have decided to postpone our Volunteer Orientation and Training Dates due to the situation concerning the Covid-19 virus.


Procyon Sponsor an Orphan Program

With many of our important fundraising programs cancelled due to COVID-19, we need the help of our supporters more than ever!

Our sponsorship package includes your choice of baby animal to sponsor, a picture and a certificate of the baby animal.

The animals that are currently available for sponsorship are: Bats, Fawns, Raccoons, Opossums, Squirrels, Cottontails and Porcupines.

For more details, visit https://www.procyonwildlife.com/sponsor-a-baby-animal/ or email us at info@procyonwildlife.com


Did You Know? Opossums are not rodents!

They are marsupials, like kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies. Like other marsupials, opossums have body temperatures are far too low to sustain most of the diseases that are carried by rodents.

They’re also far too large, and have far too slow of a reproductive rate, to cause the kinds of infestations you may see from rats and mice.

An opossum’s resemblance to a rat is skin-deep and not a reason to wish harm on them.


It's that time of year! Skunk Mating Season!

It's that time of year, skunk mating season. Skunks breed in February and March.
You're going to see skunks out and about more regularly than any other months.

Once breeding season is over they will go unseen again. Please watch for them on the roads and watch your dogs when you let them out. Skunks will never run up to your dog and spray it, but if your dog harasses a skunk... he will get sprayed. 

Skunks do not hibernate, but they do sleep for days at a time in the winter. Food is very scarce right now for them. If you see one out in the day, don't freak out.... they are just looking for food, a mate or going back to their own territory.
Skunks are extremely docile animals and they are good to have around. They will eat your mice, rats, grubs, moles and snakes just to name a few pests that you spend a lot of money on trying to get rid of.

Let's give them a break and understand that it's mating season and they are desperately trying to find food.


Need to purchase a gift for someone?

Need to purchase a gift for someone? Or perhaps you are treating yourself! Please check out NOVICA for beautiful and unique items. For every item sold, the PROCYON WILDLIFE CENTRE, located in Beeton (just north of Toronto), receives 25%!!! With wildlife baby season fast approaching, and wildlife coming out of hibernation, it won't be long before we start getting orphaned and injured animals requiring our care. At Procyon, we care for these animals until they can be released back into the wild. We are thrilled to be partnered with NOVICA, which in turn, is associated with National Geographic.

Don't forget to shop at Novica for beautiful gifts that are sure to please! https://www.novica.com/procyonwildlife/

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Procyon's Wish List

We have updated our wish list! To view it please  click here

We are also looking for volunteers to build us bat boxes, squirrel nest boxes and deer boxes! If you like to sew, we need hammocks for our baby squirrels and opossums!


Rabies Surveillance for March 18th, 2020

We are happy to report that as of March 18th there have been no new cases of rabies! We are currently at 472 cases of raccoon strain, and 21 cases of fox strain rabies in Ontario since December 2015.

For the full report and area map click here.


Our Mission: Procyon Wildlife is dedicated to working with our communities in an effort to help wild animals in need of care. Our goals are to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release these animals, and to promote public appreciation for wildlife preservation.