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We are pleased to be sending you our December 2019 Procyon Post.

This month Jennifer Howard provides some advice on what you can do, should you find animals in distress during the harsh winter months.

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Winter is Upon Us

by Jennifer Howard

Time for Freedom

Winter is Upon Us

Well, it's back again. Winter. It has been a strange season so far. Snow came early, then warmer weather again, now winter is blasting us yet one more time. Just last week I still had chipmunks out. The last couple of days none to be seen. Snuggling in their warm dens full of winter food they worked so hard to put away.

But other animals who are supposed to be hibernating, are sometimes disturbed, bringing them out into unfriendly temperatures. I'm talking about bats. Bats find warm sheltered roosts to overwinter in. It could be your attic, soffits in along your eves or sometimes they even get into your home. You may not even know they are there until one day they get disturbed, wake up and... You find them, or your child or dog or cat finds them.

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This Saturday and Sunday, from 10:30am to 4:00 pm, talented wildlife photographer, and Procyon volunteer, Jennifer Howard, will be at Rovili's Petworld-Bolton, to take photos of you, your children and pets with Father Christmas.

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Procyon Wildlife Hosts

Two Day Intro Course by the IWRC

(International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council)

on Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation

January 11-12, 2020

If you are interested in attending, please visit: https://theiwrc.org/courses or call 1-866-871-1869 ext. 2 to register.


Here is hoping all this season's babies are tucked in somewhere from the snow and cold.

However, when they are released, they are healthier then those that are in the wild, as they have had all their vaccinations.

Thanks to kindhearted rescuers and volunteers, these babies have another chance at life.

HELP is in YOUR hands!


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Urgent Plea!

Save garden wildlife from harm this Christmas!

If your child has made pretty reindeer food please do not 'sprinkle on the lawn' as the labels suggest as many of our very hungry small garden birds and mammals could ingest the plastic and foil glitter along with the oats potentially causing long term damage to their digestive systems (this includes 'edible glitter' which was made to be safe for humans but poses a serious threat to wild animals like birds)

Please instead leave in a small bowl indoors alongside cookies for Santa. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!


Procyon's Wish List

We are looking for a volunteer to provide driveway snow removal to maintain access to the wildlife that overwintering at Procyon.

We are urgently looking for the following supplies:

• Large glass food storage containers for our small mammal room (as shown in picture on the right).

• Small container units for doing blood tests.

• Disposable surgical gloves – all sizes, latex or latex-free.

• Rectal thermometer.

• Portable digital x-ray machine.

• IV fluid pump.

• Oxygen concentrator OR Oxygenator.

• Large oxygen tanks.

• Incubators.

• Large Digital floor bench pet scale.

• Trail Cam

• Metal garbage cans.

With the holiday season soon approaching, gift cards are also a great way to help our animals in need!

• Gas gift cards for Lawn mower & snow blower

• Grocery gift cards for purchasing fresh produce

• Home Improvement cards for animal enclosures

• Canadian Tire money

• Staples gift cards

To see our complete list, click here


Your Donations are so helpful to our wildlife!

Donations are so appreciated by Procyon not to mention the babies.

These knitted nests are sent to us, along with fur coats that no one wants.

We cut them up and put them with the baby to give them comfort.

Thanks to Jennifer Howard for the photo.



Can't come into the Centre, but would still like to help?

If you or someone you know might have a few extra hours per day and would like to help, please contact us at info@procyonwildlife.com

All training will be provided by Procyon.


Rabies Surveillance as of November 27th, 2019

There were no new cases of rabies detected for the week of November 27, 2019!  We are currently at 470 cases of raccoon strain, and 21 cases of fox strain rabies in Ontario since December 2015.

For the full report and area map click here.

Also, check out the Rabies Reporter issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources:


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Procyon Wildlife Education Programs

 If you are a parent or a teacher, or the manager of a company or organization, your school or business can benefit from our Wildlife Education Programs.

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Our Mission: Procyon Wildlife is dedicated to working with our communities in an effort to help wild animals in need of care. Our goals are to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release these animals, and to promote public appreciation for wildlife preservation.