We are pleased to be sending you our November 2019 Procyon Post.

This month's issue features Jennifer Howard's article called Time for Freedom. Freedom Day for our rehabilitated wildlife is the ultimate goal toward which our volunteers work tirelessly.

It is a day which is filled with joy and satisfaction for our volunteers, when we know we have been successful in our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release these animals back to their natural habitat.

Also in this issue, we talk about our successful Textile Drive held during the month of September, our October 26th Halloween and Fall Photo shoot. We also have interesting updates on the building of our small mammals enclosure, plus helpful tips on how you can help wildlife in your own backyard!

Don't forget to check out our online store for great Christmas ideas! Many thanks to Carma Soap Co. for generously donating their soap ends to Procyon Wildlife. All proceeds go toward the care of orphaned and injured wildlife.

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Time for Freedom

by Jennifer Howard

Time for Freedom

Time for Freedom

It’s early spring; phones ringing off the hook at Procyon Wildlife Rehabilitation and all other rehabilitation facilities. We receive calls about orphaned raccoons, orphaned rabbits, baby squirrels, fox kits, fawns, coyote pups, opossums, skunks, etc., cases of mange and other illnesses wildlife can get; they all keep the centres busy. Not many facilities take eyes closed babes but Procyon in Beeton does take them. Volunteers are trained to care for them.

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Why Raising Orphaned Wildlife Should be left to Wildlife Rehabbers

This was posted recently from another wildlife rehabber... The message is so important, we wanted to share this with our readers.

"So... you think you want to raise a baby squirrel? Think again...! These four siblings were found by well-meaning members of the public. They were kept for at least 4 weeks, being fed a “homemade formula” consisting of items such as 18% cream, nut butters or milks, and who knows what else... and THIS is the result!

Almost completely naked squirrels that are malnourished and underdeveloped. Receiving improper nutrition throughout development has resulted in a loss of fur, underdeveloped bodies (that’s why their heads look so big), and stunted growth in general.

We are now forced to keep these babies inside overwinter, as they are far too naked to be put in outdoor enclosures. And this is not a quick fix - it takes time to build up proper nutritional levels in their bodies, and for the fur to regrow.

If you find a wild animal that is orphaned, sick, or injured, PLEASE do the right thing and call a wildlife rehabber immediately! Not only is it illegal to keep native wildlife without a license, but they need proper care that a licensed rehab will have the experience and expertise to provide."

Should you ever find an animal which you think is in distress, please contact us at 905-729-0033 or visit http://www.ontariowildliferescue.ca/wildlifecentres/ to find a wildlife centre closest to you.


Procyon Wildlife Centre Diverted Over 11 Tonnes of Textile Waste From Landfills in 3 Years!

In a press release issued by Black Ram Media Group Inc., it was announced that Procyon Wildlife Centre is being celebrated by family owned reclamation firm Textile Waste Diversion for diverting over 11 tonnes of textiles from landfill in three years.

Every September for the last three years, the wildlife rehabilitation centre has been participating in an annual fundraising campaign with the sustainable side effect of landfill diversion by collecting used clothing and other household textiles from the local community.

To read more click here


Many thanks to Val Burke of

Caledon Lash Lounge!

In lieu of gifts for her birthday, Val Burke of Caledon Lash Lounge asked for donations to be given to Procyon. During the month of September, she raised over $1,000.00! What a great way to celebrate a birthday by helping wildlife. Her generosity will help toward the care of our injured and orphaned animals. 


Thank you to Lisa Oppedisano of Rovili's PetWorld for hosting our Halloween / Fall Photoshoot!

Our first Halloween  photo shoot was a successful and fun day. It was a bit nippy by the afternoon and the winds kept blowing Jennifer Howard’s witch‘s hat off, lol, but we kept busy. Lots of dogs came to see us and a few kids too, young and old, all dressed up and looking awesome.

Afterward, we took all the straw and hay bales, donated to us by a local farmer and by Edward's Feed Store in Innisfil, as well as the corn stalks, to Procyon Wildlife Centre. The pumpkins were enjoyed by the family of raccoons and squirrels left at the centre. These goodies were welcomed by all. This is what makes our work at the centre so rewarding.

Thanks to everyone for making this day a success for the animals.

Next, Santa is coming to Rovili's on December 7th and 8th for a Photo shoot of you and your loved ones! ❤❤❤

Click here to see our Halloween and Fall Photo shoot Gallery!


Three New Baby Squirrel Admissions!

We just admitted to Procyon Wildlife, this tiny squirrel plus two others. They are less then one week old. We never get babies mid October.

Even our wildlife can get confused with the weather elements and have third litters.

I guess they heard we are building new enclosures and wanted to book their rooms early!



Exciting New Building Project at Procyon!


WOW... take a look at our new small mammal enclosures. It looks amazing! We even have removable winter panels.

From bare ground to 5 new enclosures built plus a food storage area! This is very exciting for Procyon Wildlife. Thank you to our volunteer building crew for making this happen. You did an awesome job.

We can’t thank you enough for volunteering.  It’s people like you that make a difference. 


Skunks Released Back to the Wild!

Skunk Release video taken by Debra Spilar: “This is a video I took of 6 skunks being released back to the wild. They came to Procyon Wildlife only a few weeks old, eyes closed, and unable to care for themselves. After being fully rehabilitated, they are healthy, happy and back where they belong. Have a safe journey little ones!”

Click here to watch the video!


Your Donations are so helpful to our wildlife!

 Donations are so appreciated by Procyon not to mention the babies.

These knitted nests are sent to us, along with fur coats that no one wants.

We cut them up and put them with the baby to give them comfort.

Thanks to Jennifer Howard for the photo.



Procyon's Wish List

We are urgently looking for the following supplies:

• Small container units for doing blood tests

• Disposable surgical gloves – all sizes, latex or latex-free

• Rectal thermometer

• Portable digital x-ray machine

• IV fluid pump

• Oxygen concentrator OR Oxygenator

• Large oxygen tanks

• Incubators

• Large Digital floor bench pet scale

With the holiday season soon approaching, gift cards are also a great way to our animals in need!

• Gas gift cards for Lawn mower & snow blower

• Grocery gift cards for purchasing fresh produce

• Home Improvement cards for animal enclosures

• Canadian Tire money

• Staples gift cards

To see our complete list, click here


Soon to be released! After hunting season!

These gorgeous creatures have grown and thrived under Procyon Wildlife's attentive care. They will soon be released back to the wild, but after hunting season in our area is over.


Suds for a Cause!

"Artisan created bath and body products made in small batches by hand.

Fantastic scents and invigorating body goodies.  Locally made since 2008."


Our online store is expanding with these beautiful soap ends produced by Carma Soap Co.  They have generously donated their soap ends to Procyon Wildlife.

Carma soap offers all natural, eco friendly soap, body oils, skin soothing balms and rubs and bath soaks.

They offer twelve different scents of soap including, Lavender, Lavender & Patchouli, Mint, Lemongrass, Rosemary Mint, Smudge, Hippy Hemp, Citrus, Charcoal, Rose, Thieves Blend, Turmeric.

Their bath soaks are available in the scents of Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus, unscented.

Their offerings are good for body and soul, sustainably and locally sourced where possible.


How to Help Wildlife in Your Yard and Autumn and Winter Backyard Diversity

This is Harry!

Procyon Wildlife Education Programs

 If you are a parent or a teacher, or the manager of a company or organization, your school or business can benefit from our Wildlife Education Programs.

For more information, please contact us at info@procyonwildlife.com
or call 905.729.0033.

HELP is in YOUR hands!


Can't come into the Centre, but would still like to help?

If you or someone you know might have a few extra hours per day and would like to help, please contact us at info@procyonwildlife.com

All training will be provided by Procyon.



Our Mission: Procyon Wildlife is dedicated to working with our communities in an effort to help wild animals in need of care. Our goals are to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release these animals, and to promote public appreciation for wildlife preservation.