The Procyon Post: Volume 5, Issue 3, March 2023

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This month we have an assortment of interesting articles written by our volunteers. Procyon volunteer Angela van Breemen discusses what to do, or not do when contacting us about wild animals you have found in distress. Jennifer Howard reinforces some of the ways you can help wildlife coexist with human beings in Let's Talk Wildlife. Elizabeth Trickey's fascinating article discusses the unique defense mechanisms our wildlife have to keep themselves safe from predators. Jen Howard gives us an update on her popular column, Animal Updates

If you are considering becoming a volunteer or returning, please send in your applications soon as the baby season is expected to start sooner than usual this year as a result of the mostly mild winter. We also offer year-round internships for people considering a career in animal care.

If you are interested in volunteering, it's not too late to sign up for our Orientation Day on March 4th. We have two slots available; 9:00 am to 12 noon and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Please contact Linda Boag-Moores at to learn more about volunteering and if you would like to attend.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Procyon Wildlife

Help us help wildlife in need – Do’s and Don’ts.

Help us help wildlife in need – Do’s and Don’ts.
by Angela van Breemen

As the 2023 baby season fast approaches, we’d like to review with our readers some Do’s and Don’ts and to clear up some misconceptions. Procyon Wildlife is a volunteer-run organization that does not receive funding from the government. Our volunteers give their time generously and do not always have the personal resources available to respond to wildlife calls in the field. That being …

Let’s Talk Wildlife

by Jennifer Howard

Well spring is just around the corner. Although -35 to -40 windchill factors may have made that hard to believe for a couple days there. We actually have had a pretty up-and-down winter thus far. But mostly mild. Wiarton Willie said six more weeks till spring. And I for one, am rooting him on for an early spring. …

Wildlife Defence Mechanisms

by Elizabeth Trickey

Wildlife are pretty lucky to have the skills and defence mechanisms that they do. Sometimes I think that I’d like to have some of those traits since they would be quite handy for having a long and successful life. They’d also be handy in keeping others at bay when I prefer to be alone. Well, that’s being polite about it. …

Animal Updates

by Jennifer Howard

We already have many animals admitted this year, with some from last year still with us, so it’s time to start up with a few animal updates again. Foxes. Colonel Parker came in with severe mange last year from Barrie area. He is a character coming in looking rather like a lion, very emaciated with open wounds on his …

The Importance of Community

The Importance of Community
Earlier this month, we got a call from a woman in Beeton who saw a young raccoon limping around. She noticed it go up a tree and watched him fall. He laid there a while before climbing back up. She called her vet and found the information to call Procyon. Despite living less than 10 minutes away from our centre for the …

Orientation Days and Volunteers Day Coming Soon!

orientation day march 4 2023
(application required according to MNR rules)
march 2023 training dates
(required by the MNR for all returning volunteers)

Looking for a Simple Way to Help Procyon?

empty bottles
If you are looking for a simple way to help our wildlife charges at Procyon, and have any empty liquor bottles and beer bottles, we would gratefully accept your donation.

You can drop off bottles at the Procyon roadside shed. We are located at 6441 7th line, Beeton.

Our Textile Recycling Program Runs Year Round!

Our Popular Textile Recycling Program Will Run Year Round!
Our popular textile recycling program now runs year-round. For your convenience, a textile recycling bin is on-site at the entrance of our driveway. Help divert textiles from our landfill sites and raise funds for Procyon!

If you encounter a wild animal that you believe needs help, please call us first at 905.729.0033

If you encounter a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal, please call first at 905-729-0033 and leave a message.

A volunteer will return your call ASAP and will complete the admitting form over the phone with you.

Our telephone lines are operated from 10am to 5pm daily. If outside of business hours, you will be called back the following morning.
You will be given a phone number to call upon your arrival with strict instructions to be followed.

Thank you. Procyon Wildlife

Our Mission: Procyon Wildlife is dedicated to working with our communities in an effort to help wild animals in need of care. Our goals are to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release these animals, and to promote public appreciation for wildlife preservation.
Procyon Wildlife is a Registered Charity* dedicated to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release orphaned and injured wildlife. * Reg Charity # 818086621RR0001