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Volume 4, Issue 7 July 2022

Wildlife Versus People

by Jennifer Howard
‘Tis the season. As baby wildlife continues to grow, more and more of them are being noticed by the public. Fledglings, baby bunnies, fox kits, raccoons, squirrels, and more. At Procyon, we receive over 30 calls per day on our emergency hotline. But not all these wild babies are orphaned.

For a wildlife baby of any kind, getting through their first year of life is a major challenge. Education is the key factor to help us learn about wildlife babies, so if I can help lower those calls and admissions and overall wildlife/people incidents, I’m sure going to try by providing these helpful tips.

Hail the Mighty Chipmunk!

Article by Elizabeth Trickey, photos courtesy of Elizabeth Trickey and Jennifer Howard

I think nature gave our planet chipmunks for the sole purpose of entertaining humans. Cute, inquisitive, bold, non-threatening, easily distinguished, and sometimes even friendly. Yes, our little furry friends do bring many of us a multitude of joy!

In Ontario, there are 2 types of chipmunk – the Eastern and the Least. Telling them apart is sometimes difficult, but the Eastern is larger and the Least has a bushier tail. We mostly see the Eastern species in our suburban and rural communities, so let’s look at the life of the Eastern chippies that we love to watch.

Animal Updates as of June 30, 2022

Update and Photos by Jennifer Howard

Spirit the fawn
On June 14th a little fawn made a big trip into the centre from South Hampton. He had been attacked by a dog. 2 days later he had his first vet appointment with our Dr. Nellissa of National Wildlife Centre. X-rays showed he had a fracture in his growth plate in his left leg. His little leg was fitted with a splint to help him heal and walk.

Christmas in July photoshoots

Father Christmas says the North Pole is too cold and is coming south to visit because he misses us!

He doesn’t want to wait till Christmas to have a photo session with his fans, and has asked his friends at Procyon to organize a photoshoot for him at Davidson’s Restaurant in Innisfil on July 17th, and at Rovili’s Petworld-Bolton on July 24th.

Procyon volunteer and photographer Jennifer will be there both days to take photos of you and your loved ones with Santa! $15.00 per photo.

All funds raised will go toward the care of injured and orphaned wildlife at
Procyon Wildlife Centre.
Davidsons July 17 2022 12 to 330pm rev06-23
Rovilis Petworld July 24 2022 11am to 3pm rev 06-23-2022

Mother Duck adopts duckling from another species

meganser mama adopts wood ducklings (2)
by Angela van Breemen, photos by Annette Bays

One of our readers and supporters of Procyon Wildlife, Annette Bays, recently contacted us with a question about the ducks nesting on her property.

Hooded Mergansers have been nesting on their pond for the last several years, as well as a pair of Wood Ducks. In early April of this year, she saw the Wood Ducks, but not since then.
Happily, the Mergansers have stayed and had a brood. In May the proud Mama was seen with her ducklings in tow. There were six babies, but only three are left now. The interesting thing is that one of the babies is a Wood Duck!

Procyon Wildlife Textile Recycling Program is Back!

Ready to lose a few extra pounds? Our popular textile recycling program is back. Help divert textiles from our landfill sites and raise funds for Procyon!

2022 Procyon Textile Recycling Fundraiser is BACK
two ameritex textile bins
The program will run year-round. To handle the volume, there are now TWO textile recycling bins on-site, situated at the entrance of our driveway. Thank you to everyone for supporting Procyon on this fundraiser, and for diverting textile materials from our landfill sites.

Fresh produce needed for our growing babies!


THANK YOU Fish and Bird Emporium!

fish and bird emporium
Thank you so much to Fish and Bird Emporium for their monthly donations of food. Natural foods like this help our wildlife get used to the type of foods they will encounter in the wild.

For fish and bird supplies, don't hesitate to contact this local company, situated in Innisfil, Ontario.
Fish and bird emporium

Many thanks to Melissa of Milos Treats

milos treats
Many thanks to Melissa of Milos Treats who has chosen to donate a percentage of her summer sales to Procyon Wildlife. She owns a small family business in Bradford, ON called Milo’s Treats.

Based in Bradford, Ontario, all their ingredients are 100% Canadian grown. Their treats are simple and nutritious and handcrafted with care in small batches in their certified kitchen. Guaranteed no preservatives, no by-products, no artificial ingredients, no antibiotics, just plain and simple healthy fresh ingredients.

We saw a lot of wonderful fundraising events during the month of June. Thank you to the following people and organizations who are supporting Procyon Wildlife. You have proved that HELP is in YOUR HANDS... it's in ALL OUR HANDS.

erin sanderson
Thank you to Innisfil Artist, Erin Sanderson who held a Fundraising Auction for Procyon Wildlife from June 15 to June 18. Her artwork was displayed at the recent Onion Fest in Innisfil. Here is a write-up by Barrie CTV News.
paw perfect
On June 25th, Paw-fect Pets 'N' Supplies hosted their first Animal Appreciation Day to celebrate local animal organizations in the community. They raised funds for the Alliston & District Humane Society and Procyon Wildlife. Kissable K9 Care's provided cosmetic teeth cleaning for pets.
Don't forget to visit Wonderbunnie Designs at the Caledon Fairgrounds every Friday from 3pm to 7pm (except Canada Day)

Shannyn is selling on our behalf some Procyon Wildlife items such as our SUPER CUTE RACCOON SLIPPERS, Procyon Baseball Hat and Mr. Tee's famous organic catnip (CAT certified and tried).

Procyon Wildlife Internship Program!

Our intern program runs year-round. If you know of anyone that might be interested in learning about wildlife, send them our way.

Help spread the word to your veterinarians, as they could know of someone that might want to learn as well.


2022 general volunteers for social media
We are always looking for dedicated people to join our volunteer team!

Help Us Raise Funds for an In-House X-RAY machine!

Help Procyon Wildlife raise funds for an in-house X-Ray machine by donating today! An in-house X-Ray machine will help us quickly assess an injured wild animal and prevent additional trauma by moving the animal to a vet clinic for X-Rays and assessment.

A Wood Chipper is on Our Wish List!

We are looking for a wood chipper, new or used in working order to chip the branches and old Christmas trees, or for someone who could come in and chip for us.

Why do we need a wood chipper?
It diverts organic material from dump sites, and the wood chips will be used in our enclosures to give our wildlife an enriching environment with natural materials such as they would have in a forest setting.

Please contact us at 905-729-0033 or email

If you encounter a wild animal that you believe needs help, please call us first at 905.729.0033

Rehabbers Job is never done (21)
If you encounter a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal, please call first at 905-729-0033 and leave a message. A volunteer will return your call ASAP and will complete the admitting form over the phone with you.

Our telephone lines are operated from 10am to 5pm daily. If outside of business hours, you will be called back the following morning. You will be given a phone number to call upon your arrival with strict instructions to be followed.

Please follow them and do not come directly to the front door.

Thank you. Procyon Wildlife
Procyon Wildlife is a Registered Charity* dedicated to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release orphaned and injured wildlife. * Reg Charity # 818086621RR0001
Our Mission: Procyon Wildlife is dedicated to working with our communities in an effort to help wild animals in need of care. Our goals are to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release these animals, and to promote public appreciation for wildlife preservation.