The Procyon Post: Volume 5, Issue 10, October 2023

Our very first Annual Procyon Wildlife Fundraising Gala will be held on December 1st, at the Best Western in Orangeville to raise funds for us to continue our work. Unfortunately, we don't receive any government funding which is why the success of this fundraiser is crucial. Tickets are $200 per person and includes a $50.00 tax receipt. We hope you can join us for a lovely evening of fabulous food, live music, dancing, guest speakers, live and silent auctions.

Currently, we are looking for new items for our live and silent auctions. For those who are interested in providing an item, you would be eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt.

For our corporate supporters, we have a wide range of supporter levels available. If you are interested in becoming a supporter, please visit this link or contact or
Procyon Wildlife First Annual Fundraising Gala

Porcupette from Thunder Bay goes home!

Porcupette  from Thunder Bay goes home!
This tiny Porcupette came to Procyon Wildlife from ThunderBird Wildlife Rescue in Thunder Bay to be raised together with another tiny orphan we had locally. All grown up and ready to return to his own territory - he made a short journey by plane instead of an overly long drive. We would like to extend our huge thanks to The Canadian …

Batten Down the Hatches

Batten Down the Hatches
article by Elizabeth Trickey, images by Jen Howard

The cool weather is upon us. Winter is coming. What’s happening with our wildlife friends? Will they tough out the blowing snow, retreat to warmer climates, or find a place to hunker down to wait out the cold weather? Not all critters disappear from view when the going gets tough. We do …

Climate Change and Wildlife

Climate Change and Wildlife
by Jen Howard

Although there are still folks out there that do not believe in climate change, it is very real. And Mother Nature is not happy. Consider all the fires, floods, earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes, mudslides. You name it, it is out there all over the world. Yes, they are always out there every year, but this year it …

Animal Updates – September 2023

Animal Updates – September 2023
by Jen Howard

Cliff the fox went home. His release was fast and beautiful. He looked back at us twice to say thank you and goodbye. Then trotted off towards the lake to get a drink and start his life over again. He is from the same area that Elvis and Colonel Parker live and could even be siblings. I’m …

October 1st is Raccoon Appreciation Day!

It's no secret to any of the volunteers who work at the centre with Elizabeth Trickey, Procyon Wildlife volunteer and writer for the Procyon Post, that raccoons are her favourite critters! So we were not surprised at all that she would like to remind us that October 1st is International Raccoon Appreciation Day! To learn more about these intelligent and resourceful animals, please read Elizabeth's article here!

Want to Volunteer at Procyon Wildlife?

Our orphaned and injured baby wildlife needs your help.



URGENT: We are looking for animal care volunteers at Procyon wildlife for our morning (6 am to 11 am) and evening shifts (6 pm to 11 pm).
All mid-day shifts are currently spoken for.
During baby season wildlife babies need to be fed frequently during the day which is why our first shift goes from 6 am in the morning and our last shift ends at 11 pm at night).
Please volunteer today. Animal care is rewarding. Help is in your hands.

Interested in helping? Become a Hotline Phone Handler!

THE HOURS we need for telephone service are Monday through to Sunday, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm & 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Currently, our hotline is operated from 10 am to 5 pm, but we’d like to extend the hours of our hotline service.

If you encounter a wild animal that you believe needs help, please call us first at 905.729.0033

If you encounter a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal, please call first at 905-729-0033 and leave a message. A volunteer will return your call ASAP and will complete the admitting form over the phone with you.

We currently do not have a rescue team to pick up animals that are injured or in distress. Unfortunately, we do not have the people and money needed to provide this service. Please contact your local animal control, or contact Ontario Wildlife Transport. The animal must already have been contained and arrangements made with us to receive the animal.

Also, please check our map to see if Procyon Wildlife falls within your geographical area. Currently, we admit animals within a 50-kilometer range of the center. Check the map here. If you are outside of the area, please check this list of Ontario wildlife rehabbers for the one closest to you.
Our telephone lines are operated from 10 am to 5 pm daily. If you are calling outside of business hours, please do not leave multiple messages. You will be called back the following morning. You will be given a phone number to call upon your arrival with strict instructions to be followed.
Thank you for your understanding.

Procyon Wildlife
Our Mission: Procyon Wildlife is dedicated to working with our communities in an effort to help wild animals in need of care. Our goals are to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release these animals, and to promote public appreciation for wildlife preservation.

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Procyon Wildlife is a Registered Charity* dedicated to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release orphaned and injured wildlife. * Reg Charity # 818086621RR0001