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When Wildlife Needs Help

When Wildlife Needs Help
Article and photos by Jennifer Howard

I know I sound like a broken record. Every month mentioning the do's and don'ts. But this is education and since times have been different, we need to make sure you know what to do. Google is not the answer to all things. Sometimes the internet, in all its glory, is our worst nightmare …

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World Porcupine Day is July 2nd!

Article by Elizabeth Trickey and images by Jennifer Howard

On July 2nd we will be celebrating World Porcupine Day! At Procyon Wildlife, we have several porcupines that come into our care every year. And they are a much loved and amusing critter with their interesting assortment of noises. These …

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World Porcupine Day is July 2nd!

Living with Beavers

Living with Beavers
Article and photos by Jennifer Howard

Something was brought to my attention in regards to beavers that prompted this article*. I have been most privileged in my photography career to sit on a bank at the side of a pond on more than one occasion and watch beavers. Watching them during the winter, watching interactions between parent and kit. Listening to a kit crying making I’m …

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Northern Catalpa Tree


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Did you know that the Northern Catalpa Tree is considered a heritage tree by Forest Ontario?

In 2018, they created a Heritage Tree Driving Tour from Toronto all the way to Algonquin to recognize heritage trees along the way.

Northern Catalpa Tree
If you have a lawn in full sun, and are looking for a shade tree, the Northern Catalpa tree is the answer.

Innisfil’s Biggest Garage Sale!

Innisfil’s Biggest Garage Sale is being organized by Jacquie and Ashley, residents of Innisfil.
The Alcona community of Innisfil worked together with Procyon Volunteer Jennifer Howard, to help save multiple families of foxes suffering from severe mange. Their efforts to save these foxes from certain death, by capturing them and getting them the help they need at Procyon Wildlife Rehab and Education Centre are truly inspiring.
Innisfil’s Biggest Garage Sale !!!
Now, this amazing community will be holding a town-wide GARAGE SALE. The vendors' fees collected will be donated to Procyon Wildlife.
  • Minimum $5.00 donation per vendor to participate!
  • Vendors' Fees will be donated to Procyon Wildlife in Beeton, Ontario
  • Garage Sale is on July 10th, 2021!
  • For participating street locations holding garage sales, please visit Innisfil’s Biggest Garage Sale's dedicated FaceBook page for this event.
The residents of Innisfil have proven that… HELP is in YOUR hands… it’s in all OUR hands! That’s what great communities like Innifsil do!

VENDORS; $5.00 fee or choose your own amount!

Wonderbunnie Designs is a Vendor at the Virtual Adjala Tosorontio Market

We are so grateful for the support that Shannyn of Wonderbunnie Designs continues to provide Procyon Wildlife.

Last year, she worked with us at our booth at the Adjala-Tosorontio Farmers Market.

Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, the Adj-Tos Market Committee decided to postpone this year’s planned June 4th Market opening. If the situation changes they will consider doing a late …

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Wonderbunnie Designs is a Vendor at the Virtual Adjala Tosorontio Market

We are looking for fresh produce and frozen fruits and veggies!

We are looking for fresh produce and frozen fruits and veggies for the wildlife residents in our care at the Centre. If you are a gardener, farmer or someone with extra produce, please consider donating these fresh or frozen goods to Procyon Wildlife! HELP is YOUR hands... it's in all OUR hands! Thank you!
To honour this amazing animal, Procyon WiIdlife will be celebrating the Porcupine for the Entire month of July. To learn more about these quirky and peaceful creatures, please read Procyon Wildlife Elizabeth Trickey's informative article! Click here to Sponsor a Porcupine!

Fundraising Partners

FINAL Tru Earth Fundraiser
Wonderbunnie Designs-2021 promo1

Infant Opossums

Feeding infant opossums is a very tricky process, as they need to be tube-fed.

Here is Crystal Faye, Animal Care Coordinator and Director, feeding an infant opossum.

Baby opossums can't nurse or suckle from their mom. Mom has something like feeding tubes instead of teats, so experienced wildlife rehabbers like Crystal replicate the process by tube feeding. If you …

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Infant Opossums

Procyon Wildlife Intern Program!

Procyon Wildlife intern program 2020 DRAFT 1
Do you need experience in order to get into an animal care program or to fulfill college requirements? Full time, volunteer Intern positions are available year round, at Procyon Wildlife in Beeton, Ontario. Contracts are from 2-6 months. Please find details of this program, as well as the application, at

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Many thanks to the Volunteers who have prepped the deer enclosures

Many thanks to those who volunteered to attach sheets/covers to the fawns' enclosure. Since fawns are very nervous, whenever they are startled they will run and often may collide with a fence and hurt themselves.
Many thanks to the Volunteers who have prepped the deer enclosures
wish list
Did you know that we also have a Procyon Wish List on

Some of the items we urgently need.

See the links and images below for further details. For other items on our wish list, click on the following link:

Veterinary Volumetric Infusion Pump IV & Fluid Syringe Pump Alarm & Calibration

US $299.00 Approximately C $370.46

contec veterinary volumetric infusion pump iv

Even the smallest donations are of great help to us...

IVYX Scientific IV Fluid Bag Warmer
We are looking for an IV fluid bag warmer, to warm up and safely maintain temperatures of intravenous and irrigation fluids.
Disposable latex gloves (all sizes)
75-litre galvanize steel garbage can with lid.
Face masks

If you have a few extra hours once per week, Procyon could use your help as a Telephone Volunteer!

Procyon needs your help more than ever! With the COVID-19 crisis, we are asking people not to bring animals to the centre without calling first.

This means we need help from people to operate our phone lines from the safety of their home.
THE HOURS we need for telephone service are Monday through to Sunday:
8:00am-2:00pm or 2:00pm-8:00pm
If you or someone you know might have a few extra hours per day to answer our hotline phones, please contact us at We will provide remote telephone training.

If you encounter a wild animal that you believe needs help, please call us first at 905.729.0033

If you encounter a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal, please call first at 905-729-0033 and leave a message.

A volunteer will return your call ASAP and will complete the admitting form over the phone with you. Our telephone lines are operated from 8 am to 8 pm daily. If outside of business hours, you will be called back the following morning.

You will be given a phone number to call upon your arrival with strict instructions to be followed.

Please follow them and do not come directly to the front door.

Thank you.
Procyon Wildlife


Rabies Surveillance as of June 23rd, 2021

We are currently at 484 cases of raccoon strain, and 21 cases of fox strain rabies in Ontario since 2015. For the full report and area map click here.
Check out the latest issue of the MNR's Rabies Reporter.
Procyon Wildlife is a Registered Charity* dedicated to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release orphaned and injured wildlife. * Reg Charity # 818086621RR0001
Our Mission: Procyon Wildlife is dedicated to working with our communities in an effort to help wild animals in need of care. Our goals are to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release these animals, and to promote public appreciation for wildlife preservation.