Wildlife in Distress

Article by Jen Howard  and images by Crystal Faye

Read time : One minute

Sometimes you get an admission that just needs to be made public. This one points out the dangers of things we use to get rid of pests. It never ends well and takes more lives than you want it to. This beautiful grackle got caught in a glue trap. Upon arrival he was caught so badly his whole tail came off. He was in bad shape. Amazingly he has survived the ordeal thus far. We’ve had to take baby steps in getting all the glue off due to his stress levels. He is very feisty and angry which is a good sign. 

Please do not use glue traps. Everything gets caught in them – birds, snakes, good insects, butterflies, mice, etc. It’s a death trap nothing wants to be caught in, creating severe damage. A horrible death follows. 100% Inhumane. Nothing deserves to die this way. Absolutely nothing. It will be the better part of a year in rehabilitation for this bird to grow all his feathers back for release.

Jen Howard

Wildlife in Distress
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