Animal Updates June 2024

Article and images by Jen Howard

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Juicyfruit the Squirrel

This little baby squirrel was rescued by a woman and her two children. She was found trying to drag herself off the road without the use of her back legs. We assume she was hit or clipped by a car. She is very feisty and has regained the use of her back legs. She will be with us for a while yet, but although slow, she is coming along and recovering well. 

New fox from Beeton

He came in with mange and is almost ready to go home and reunite with his family. Getting him in the early stages shortened his stay with us and will get him back out there where he belongs.

Bunny with a broken leg.

This adult eastern cottontail was found in Barrie. The rabbit was found to have multiple leg fractures, most healing already on their own. Our wonderful vets at National Wildlife Centre decided it was worth giving this rabbit a second chance at life, and repaired his injuries. We are hoping for a full recovery. One day at a time. 

Weasels, weasels and more weasels

What a crazy year for weasels. Most recently one adult plus short tail and long tailed infants came in. Two short tails found their way into a cat’s mouth and were taken to home owners who rescued the little guys. Sadly, a couple of the long tails were found beside their dead mother and others were also found orphaned.  Busiest year for weasels ever.

Hermie the baby big brown bat. 

This sweet little baby was named for his cute looks resembling a Christmas elf. Couldn’t be more perfect I dare say. Those ears and that face. He has stolen our hearts.  He was found during the heat wave. The home owner had built a bat box and noticed the very tiny bat on the ground. Mom’s can not pick them up from the ground. His weight upon arrival was 4 grams; an older pup. Having already lost his first set of milk teeth and now having his adult teeth, he is still on formula, but can now start getting meal worm and super worm viscera, yum yum.   For various reasons during the severe heat wave baby bats came tumbling, falling from their bat boxes. Over heating, perhaps bees, mites or fleas. If you find a bat on the ground always contact us for advice. They can not take flight from the ground.


We have had many baby raccoons come in over time, it’s been a tough season for the orphaned and injured. If you find baby animals, always try to wait it out, or contact us for advice on getting moms to move babes on their own. This goes for all animals who may have found a nice cozy place to have their little ones on your property. Do it the right way, do not trap.  Call us at 905-729-0033. 


We have 6 fawns in our care at the moment. They are outside in the smaller deer enclosure, still bottle fed and getting solid foods offered as well now. All doing very well. Again, please call us for advice before you secure a fawn. They may not need help. 


If you would like to help toward the care of our injured wildlife, please visit:

Thank you! HELP is in YOUR hands… it’s in ALL OUR HANDS

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Animal Updates June 2024
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