Prince Charming

Sweet boy Prince Charming came in after being found by a road. Upon intake, he was having some trouble breathing. This can be common when young fox kits are experiencing stress. No obvious wounds were present so he was monitored the first day in care.

His condition became worse the next day and he was rushed to receive veterinary care. After receiving X-rays, huge trauma was seen to his tiny little body. Prince Charming was undoubtedly hit by a vehicle. He had a collapsed lung, with air in his chest cavity and bleeding in his lungs.

National Wildlife Centre was able to quickly perform life-saving procedures to remove the air and fluid, and kept him overnight for observation. His prognosis was extremely guarded.

Ten days later on re-check exam, he was a different fox! X-rays are clear, barely indicating he was ever hit by a car.

He will be ready to be put into one of our outdoor fox enclosures soon. If you would to help with Prince Charming’s Care, please visit:

Prince Charming
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