Animal Updates May 2024

Article and images by Jen Howard

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Tory the Red Fox

Tory has gone home to be free again. She was admitted to the centre to receive treatment for a severe case of mange. We secured a ride for her for her long journey home. She was ready to go.  The best outcome is when we see these animals returned to the wild to live as nature intended.


Although this porcupine was hit by a car and left to die, he was still full of spunk upon arrival at the centre.

He was found in the middle of the road in Wiarton, which is within the furthest reaches of our admitting range. A lady picked him up and called us. While we were trying to arrange a ride, this kindhearted lady decided to bring him in herself.  

Good news -after a vet check he is feeling much better and eating well despite a broken rear leg, open wound and quills missing on his back and an injured front leg. He also lost his upper front teeth with the impact. The quills and teeth will grow back as a porcupine’s teeth never stop growing. This is why it’s so important they do their chewing. He will be with us for a while but we believe his prognosis is good for a full recovery.

Fox kits

All five fox kits at the centre have graduated to several of our outdoor enclosures where they romp and play, hiding under brush piles provided for them and learning to be foxes.  Their appetites are healthy. Great thing is they don’t like us – which means they will not become habituated to humans. Fear of man is key to the survival of all wildlife.

Adult Weasel

Well, there were two of us with cameras to document this little guy’s release. But he wasted no time in running like the wind to freedom.  It was quite humorous as we both looked at each and asked if the other got any photos. Nope. Oh well, he was faster than us for sure. So, no release shots but I have a before release shot. One little weasel who was extremely happy to go home. And wasted no time getting out there. Be free little one, happy life.

Fawns are starting to come to the centre, either injured or orphaned. Bunnies and some raccoons have or will be released soon.

We also have admitted some opossum babies who were orphaned or fell off mom but are doing well. If you find a little opossum please secure it and call us at 905-729-0033. They will not survive on their own without their mom. They are so adorable, but so vulnerable if alone. 

Did you know? Opossums are North America’s only marsupial and that they eat can eat up to 4,000 ticks in one week!

To learn more about opossums, check out an earlier article of ours here:

Life at the centre is never dull and always busy. Try the best you can to keep families together so we can keep space for those animals who are in real need due to illness or injury. 

Allow wildlife parents to raise their babies and enjoy the experience. At a distance of course and no interaction or feeding on your part. Wild animals are great parents. Let’s all learn to work together to coexist. Please keep cats indoors. They are responsible for over 1 million wildlife baby and small animal deaths a year and it is estimated that cats kill 2.5 billion birds annually – one of the leading causes of bird deaths. And remember, if let outside, your cat is at risk of becoming prey.

A great start to wildlife awareness is to teach young children to respect wildlife, watch from a distance, and to never approach. Procyon Wildlife provides educational programs to teach the young and all about wildlife. If your children’s school or institution would like to learn more about our Education Program, download our Procyon Wildlife Education Brochure or contact us at in**@pr*************.com. Kids should always get an adult if they see a wild animal is in distress; wildlife in pain and fear may lash out or even bite. Call for us for advice at 905-729-0033 and or visit our resource here:

Watch for next month’s update on all the wildlife in our care at the centre.

Jen Howard

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Animal Updates May 2024
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