April 2024 Animal Updates

Article and photos by Jen Howard

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Our first little fox kit of the year arrived April 19th. He was found all alone behind a school. A young boy picked him up and the next day he was brought to the Centre. He was dehydrated and had early signs of mange. Hydrated and medicated for the mange, he still didn’t want to eat. We are not mom. With time and patience Crystal finally got him to eat. He is now enjoying his tasty nutritious slurries. As fox kits need company, he cried a lot, which is heart breaking to hear. The search began for another kit.


Another little fox kit was found at Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Rosseau. She had been attacked by a dog and had a fractured jaw. As young animals with growing bones heal fast, she was soon on the mend and doing very well. But she was also crying from loneliness. I woke up to a beautiful day, kind of rare these days, so spur of the moment I headed up.  Upon arrival my special little passenger was awaiting me. On arrival at Procyon our new little girl Diva was given a topical medication to protect her from getting mange. Marc was treated and on the mend already, but this was a preventative measure. Our introduction of the two little ones went exceptionally well. Diva sniffed around and explored a bit while Marc looked on from inside his house. She is a bit bigger. Finally he came out and sniffed her and followed her around. Then the magic happened. They started playing. We stayed close for a bit to be sure, but it was clear that these two had connected. Then it happened; nose to nose kisses. Kylee Hinde (our Assistant Animal Care /Triage Coordinator) and I were smiling ear to ear. Marc has a sister. They played hard then, curled up and went to sleep. Diva is clearly the boss, but watch out, your little brother will catch up!  Diva’s long road trip and her new playmate/brother tired her out. It was then time for a well-deserved and needed nap for both. Welcome little one.

The same day Marc arrived we had an emergency come in. This time it was a beautiful big male opossum. He was found in distress on a property he frequented. They saw him all the time, and since he was out in the day they realized he was in trouble. He had a wound on his back and he was so cold he was barely moving. They acted immediately and brought him in. We warmed him up slowly and tended to his wounds. We have no idea what happened to this poor gentle soul. He is an old opossum, and ever so sweet. A few days later his wounds look good. He is healing well and is eating well also. Sometimes with a little help from our volunteers we get another story that totally warms one’s heart. And a huge thank you to the couple who brought him in. 

Another first for us came in recently. This one is a Red Bat. He was seen hanging low on a building for over 30 hours. They brought him in to be safe as the weather was crazy. He is a migratory bat and may have been exhausted from his flight with very few insects out there yet. He is eating his mealworms and super worms well and gaining some weight. Hopefully he will be ready for release very soon to get back on his journey. 

Our first baby skunk. Found all alone, no den could be found nearby, no siblings, so he was brought in. Cute little stinker really wanted to give us a squirt. LOL. That’s okay baby it’s a stressful adventure. All good, you’re still cute as a button.

Babies are booming and keeping us busy, Tis the season.

Jen Howard

April 2024 Animal Updates
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