Animal Updates March 2024

Article by Jen Howard; photos by Kylee Hinde and Jen Howard

Approximate read time: Two minutes

Winter to spring has brought such ups and downs weather wise. We have two releases on hold because it’s been too cold and unstable. However, one little owl did manage to go home.

Screech owl

This is a wonderful update to share with you. A little screech owl came in March 10th.  He looked in rough shape after flying into a car. He had some suspected head trauma, and was also treated for a parasite called Trichomoniasis. He bounced back incredibly fast and keeping him down became quite a job as he was ready to fly the coop. He was released back to the wild on March 22nd. One very lucky little owl. 

It’s barely spring, but babies started to arrive a bit early this year.

Little Pinky Squirrels – Frizzel, Cricket and Blink

Four little baby eastern grey squirrels came in on Friday, March 8th from Kleinberg. A woman cleaned leaves out of her BBQ not knowing it was a nest. Three days later she heard frantic crying in her garage. She found four little pink bundles in the leaves she had gathered. She got them warm and called us right away, I took the call. She did everything right; got them into a warm secure bin, did not attempt to feed or give fluids. Then she brought them right in.  One passed but the other three are thriving and soon their eyes will be open to see the world for the first time. 

Just a reminder:

Never ever feed infants, always call us immediately. Your only job, is to secure and keep those babies warm and in a quiet place. Always transport any wildlife in a quiet car to reduce stress levels, please. No music, NO PETS. 

Tory the Fox

Tory came in with mange and her poor face was hardly recognizable. Once with us and treatment had started, it didn’t take long for her to start healing. She was put on a slow feed protocol; small protein meals a few times a day until we were certain her system was not rejecting anything. And now she is healing, her eyes are fully open and fur growing back on her beautiful face. She is still shedding the crusties from mange, but what a beautiful fox she is going to be again.  

We have twelve little infant eyes closed raccoons in our care at the moment and all are doing well. 

On March 25th our first infant eyes closed cottontails came in. Earliest yet.  Baby rabbits grow fast and leave the nest at three weeks of age. Mother rabbits only come at dusk and dawn to feed. Three weeks is a short time to wait to give babies their best chance at life. Let’s all work together.

And please, do not relocate other wildlife as the moms will move their young to another site on their own. Call us at 905-729-0033 for assistance if you are unsure if an animal is injured or in distress.


Animal Updates March 2024
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