From Rescue to Release: The Journey with Procyon Wildlife Guide To Awesomeness ( Sarah Peters (Mills) of Coldwell Banker – Ronan Realty Brokerage interviews Debra Spilar, Director/Custodian of Procyon Wildlife.

In this episode of the Guide to Awesomeness podcast Debra Spilar, the Director/Custodian of Procyon Wildlife, was interviewed by Sarah Peters (Mills). Debra discusses the origins and operations of Procyon Wildlife, a sanctuary for orphaned and injured wild animals. She explains the process of rescuing and rehabilitating animals, from guiding the public on how to safely bring distressed animals to the facility to providing the necessary care and attention for their recovery. Debra also highlights the importance of volunteers in the day-to-day operations of Procyon Wildlife and encourages listeners to get involved in supporting their mission through volunteering, donations, or spreading awareness within our community.

We at, Procyon Wildlife, extend our heartfelt thanks to Sarah of Guide to Awesomeness for giving us the opportunity to talk about the work that we do in our community. If you are interested in volunteering go to

Guide To Awesomeness – Podcast
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