Animal Updates February 2024

Article and photos by Jen Howard

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Frankie the Fox.

Frankie has made it to an outdoor enclosure. She was found with mange. A concerned citizen called in and had Frankie in a trap within an hour or so. She was very hungry so was put on slow feed protocol until she was ready for a full meal. She was pretty mellow until she started feeling better. At that point we were all happy to have her act like a fox. We still had to wait for her naked tail to grow fur back before she could go outside.

Finally, the day came. She was not at all happy to be caught, but that soon changed when she got outside on a beautiful mild sunny day. She sniffed, explored, climbed a bit, and found her favourite spot on top of a wooden straw stuffed house. She has 2 warm houses and a few Christmas trees to keep her warm and comfy. From then on, she sat up there like the Queen sniffing the air, taking in the beautiful sunshine she had missed. She was happy. It’s very important to acclimatize an animal before they go free at this time of year, and to make sure they have enough fur to go out as well. So wonderful to see this happy little fox getting ready for her journey back home.

Rusty the Red Tail

Rusty is coming around in baby steps. He has come out to join us in the trailer a couple of times for some events. Handled by Crystal he did very well. Small steps to get him used to his new surroundings and handlers, and his new life. He will enjoy his new life better once he gets accustomed to all the new adventures he will experience. One day at a time. 

Edgar the Raven

We have a volunteer who has been spending a lot of time with Edgar. Bringing him special treats and toys, playing music. He is really enjoying all this attention. Edgar was a wild raven who was shot in his wing. Unable to fly again he was kept as an education bird. He may never be a bird we hold like Rusty as he was wild, but for now he very much enjoys our company and all the goodies we bring him. He talks to wild crows and ravens when he hears them around. Love that raven call. Absolutely stunning bird. 


This opossum was attacked by a dog, he came in with a broken leg and a broken pelvis.  His last vet check was a good one and he was moved from his small enclosure into a larger one to get more exercise.  So, his prognosis seems to be very good for a slow but full recovery. Just what we wanted to hear.


Animal Updates February 2024
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