Animal Updates – January 2024

Article and Images by Jen Howard

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Opossum (Regina)

This little girl is so very lucky. A woman found the opossum after her dog found her in their backyard. Opossums play dead if all else fails, and Regina did that well. She convinced the lady she was actually dead. Burial wasn’t possible due to the frozen ground (thank goodness), so Regina was put into the garbage to avoid the dog getting her again. When the woman went to take the garbage out in the morning, there was this adorable little injured opossum looking up at her saying “good morning”.  The woman was very happy to see her alive, and even more so to find out that the wounds on Regina were old and infected, not inflicted by her dog at all. Moral of this story is that in fact the woman’s dog did the opossum a huge favour by finding her and bringing attention to her.  She was secured and brought to Procyon and is under care and doing well.  Way to go pup. 

Barred Owl (Hardy)

This beautiful barred owl was picked up and brought in after he flew into the side of a truck while hunting. Owls and other predatory birds come too close to the road following mice and other rodents who are attracted to garbage in ditches. Therefore it’s important to keep ditches clean. Hardy had a badly damaged eye and was scheduled to have it removed, but at his vet check it was found that the eye was improving with medication. He was given more time. Mid-January our little Hardy was transferred to another location to build the strength in his muscles for flying.  Eye healed, doing well, he should be flying to freedom soon.

Shrew (Speedway)

One night a volunteer was heading home and on the road in front of her was a very confused little shrew. It was running along the side of the road, then in circles, looking to be lost. She watched him and decided he definitely was in trouble. She picked the little guy up and brought him to the Centre. He is loving his nice, cozy, warm box, and mealworms are his favourite food. When he hears you, he comes out a bit at a time, his little nose first, then his whole head, then out he comes sniffing the air and going for the mealworms. Hurrying back into his house to eat in private, then back to sleep. Way too adorable. With the weather constantly changing it’s quite possible he was made homeless as his den got closed in. Remember, every life matters.


A porcupine was found on the side of road, and had a vet check. We were afraid of a fractured leg, but x-rays showed all good. His one eye however is not good. He was checked over head to tail extensively. He was put on meds as his leg has a soft tissue injury, but no fracture or break. We are hoping for a full recovery, but that depends on the injured eye. We will give him the best chance for recovery. What a cutie. 


A less then pleased big brown bat that was found outside was brought to the centre. He was so angry you could hear him from the vet room being examined. When someone brings in an animal, they can name them if they care to. The young girl named him Pizza. We have a total of six bats in care at the moment. Remember if you see a bat outside call us asap. They will NOT survive outside in this cold. We can help and will overwinter them. Make that call. 

Animal Updates – January 2024
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