Animal Updates – December 2023

Article and photos by Jen Howard

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Mid December a small young raccoon was brought to the Centre. Born late in the year she would not survive without mom. She will be over wintering with us until spring.

Gary the screech owl

Gary has been doing incredibly well, but his feathers were a bit rough. He has gone to a foster home where he can have more space for exercise, and time for those damaged feathers to grow back in. Our little one-eyed owl was very feisty and greeted us with enthusiasm and vigour.

Barred owl

This beautiful owl saw our vet December 15th with the plan to remove his bad eye. Well, that eye has started to improve.  So, we will continue treating him hoping the eye comes back.  Fingers crossed.

Opossum. He came in after being attacked by a dog. He had a bad wound on his back, but after being vet checked he is healing nicely.

Red tail hawk

A red tail hawk was found sitting on the side of the road and picked up. She is a beautiful female. Her left eye was badly damaged. Her vet check on December 15th showed some improvement, but still uncertain as to the outcome of her eye. Meds continued.

Releases: One raccoon was released on December 13th. The volunteer said he knew where he was and wasted no time in getting out there. **We also had some deer mice that were taken out and released. Keep safe little buddies.

Our two new permanent residents, Rusty the Red Tail Hawk and Edgar the Raven are settling well into their new digs at Procyon Wildlife.

Important tips on wildlife:

Distemper is on the rise, so please, call us if you have a raccoon looking or acting strangely or too friendly. Don’t let them suffer and stay out to spread the disease. Call for instructions on securing and getting them to us. KEEP AWAY FROM PETS. If you are concerned, you can always spray down the area (a deck for example) with javex solution. BUT PLEASE MAKE THAT CALL – 905 729 0033

It is looking like raptor collisions are on the rise. Please watch out for these beauties. Hawks and owls have been coming in from collisions with cars.  Also watch for deer, moose (depending on where you are) and other furry friends. As the saying goes, “The Deer isn’t crossing the road; The road is crossing the forest”. Oh, so true. A little bit of awareness and slowing down may save a life. May even be yours in the case of large animals like deer or moose.

If you need to secure an animal, hawk or owl, please secure carefully, keep them warm and quiet. NO FOOD or WATER. Call us asap. 905 729 0033. Call any time of day or night and LEAVE A MESSAGE. Our phone volunteer will get back to you.  If the situation is urgent, state that in your message. Phone volunteers work 10 am to 5 pm. So just keep the animal quiet and warm until you hear back. Be patient, only 1 call please. And thank you for caring.   

Jen Howard

Note from Editor: Procyon is looking for telephone volunteers to take calls from the public. If you would like to volunteer to handle our telephone hotline, then we need you!

THE HOURS we need for telephone service are Monday through to Sunday, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm & 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm. You can operate our phone lines from the comfort of your home and you will need to have access to the internet and a computer or tablet to assist our animal care workers with online admissions.

Currently, our hotline is operated from 10 am to 5 pm, but we’d like to extend the hours of our hotline service during the height of the baby season which has already begun!

We will provide remote telephone training. Learn more here!

Animal Updates – December 2023
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