Animal Updates – November 2023

by Jen Howard

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Gary the screech owl

This little screech owl had a run in with a car. One eye was badly damaged and had to be removed. To date he is doing very well. And he is very feisty indeed. He will need to be live prey tested to make certain he can see well enough to actually hunt on his own. He will also need to grow back some feathers before he is released.


This season we have more opossums than normal. We will be overwintering a couple little ones who were late babies. Plus, some with injuries.

Barred owl

This barred owl also had a run in with a moving car. Both eyes were damaged. If the left eye heels well enough the owl will need the right eye removed.  Then it will have to go through the same procedure as the screech before it is released. In some photos you may see a tail wrap on the owl’s tail. This is something we do to keep those feathers protected from any damage.

May I take this opportunity to send a message to you to please watch for wildlife at night, even in flight. Owls sit on top of posts or on branches at the side of the road. Sometimes right on the side of the road, or on top of a snowbank etc.

Please do not throw food or garbage in ditches or at the side of the road as it attracts mice there. Owls will drop down upon taking flight to go after them. They will take off from a pole or branch, I’ve even seen them sitting on hydro wires, and will actually drop, or if following prey fly straight in front of you. Best to travel on the back roads and just take your time if possible. Be aware of your surroundings and try to avoid owl or wildlife collisions. In a month we have had 3 owls admitted from car collisions. The last little guy did not make it. All kinds of wildlife may cross your path at night while hunting or moving from one location to another.  Never assume if, for instance, one deer, coyote or fox etc. runs out in front of you that that’s it. There may be more. Always slow right down, even stop, to make sure there are no others.  Let’s keep everyone and everything safe.  

There have been no releases this month. And we have quite a number of wildlife overwintering at the centre this year.  Donations of food always welcome. If you would like to make a monetary donation instead, please visit:

Some very exciting news however. Saving the best til last!

On Saturday, December 9th, two very special feathered friends arrived. A raven named Edgar and a red tail hawk named Rusty, both from Wye Marsh. They are coming to live with us permanently. We are all very excited about their arrival and we are looking forward to getting to know them and making them feel at home.

Pictured here is our Primary Animal Care /Triage Coordinator and Director with Rusty.

Once Rusty and Edgar have become settled in and are comfortable, they will be able to be visited by people coming with animals for admitting or donations. So, a big welcome to our new friends Edgar and Rusty!


Enjoy Jen Howard’s candid shots of Edgar and Rusty.

the editor
Animal Updates – November 2023
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